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Logic Problems
These best-of-the-Web puzzles test even experienced logic solvers.
Stars indicate level of difficulty, from Easy to Challenger.

2009: Logic Problems will no longer be updated weekly.
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December 2003-April 2004

 Cycling for a Cure
Seven cyclists ride a 300-mile relay from Summerset to Ocean City.

 A Visit to Colonial Williamsburg
Students learn from the living history of Virginia's restored 18th century capital city.

 Lady Godiva's Ride
Peeping Tom wasn't the only Coventry citizen to sneak a peek at the naked lady.

 Headhunters "R" We
Career stalled? Jump start it by calling Headhunters "R" We.

 The Craftsmen of Lower Snivelly
Is the tanner named Cooper or the cooper named Tanner? Solve this medieval Logic Puzzle to find out.

 Number Square 1
Put the numbers in their places in this deceptively-tough Logic Puzzle.

 Love Those Do-Si-Dos
Five Girl Scouts top the local charts in selling Thin Mints, Trefoils, etc.

 Themed Cruises
Five couples set sail on week-long Caribbean cruises, each featuring a different theme.

 A Game of Monopoly
Who wins and who goes bankrupt in the classic board game?

 The President Ate Here
In our 100th Logic Problem, can you find which U.S. President enjoyed the fare at each Spenser's Mountain food emporium?

 Word Square 3
You don't have to be LUCKY--just logical--to rebuild our Logic Puzzle Word Square.

 The Zoo Clock
Zoo favorites tell the time in this week's Logic Puzzle.

 Letter Dice 4
Solve for the six letters on each die.

 The 2004 Farmdale Farm Calendar
... features a different "Animal of the Month" for January-December, 2004.

 The Travel Photo Contest
Five amateur photographers are published in the Sentinel's travel photo contest.

 Call a Cab
Taxis take fares to Saturday dinner in downtown Summerset.

 Number Pyramid 2
Reconstruct the Number Pyramid in another challenger Logic Puzzle.

 Giving The Beatles
Friends draw names and exchange Beatles CD gifts.

 Appearing in Person, Elvis the Elf
Now at the mall, Elvis the Elf, magician and comedian, entertaining children of all ages.

 Santa to the Rescue
Never trust an elf to do a Claus's job!

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