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Logic Problems
These best-of-the-Web puzzles test even experienced logic solvers.
Stars indicate level of difficulty, from Easy to Challenger.

2009: Logic Problems will no longer be updated weekly.
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August-December 2006

 CDs for Christmas
Five friends receive top-of-the-charts CDs for Christmas.

 Sid Slapdash's Santa Claus Adventure
There's havoc in Toyland as Sid Slapdash plays Santa Claus.

 New Appliances
Six new appliances for six apartments make a medium Logic Puzzle.

 The Class Trip
Summerset seniors have an exciting class trip to New York City.

 James Stock, Agent 000
The fifth thriller featuring America's ace secret agent debuts.

 "Losing Big"
Celebs compete to lose the most weight on the TV reality show.

 Word Square 10
The great GAME is on in this Logic Puzzle.

 Library Returns
The mystery is: In what order do the five mysteries go back on the shelf?

 Fright Night Fun
Five couples have Halloween fun at the annual party for gory guys and their ghoulfriends.

 The Hot Dog Eating Contest
Radio show duos compete in downing Ethan's Famous Foot-Longs.

 "Dancing with the Celebs"
10 celebrities vie in this year's "Dancing with the Celebs" TV show.

 The Cable Guy
The Cable Guy makes repairs and installs service in five Saturday appointments.

 The Court Jester
Five fools entertain King Vlad in the hope of becoming court jester.

 Top of the Charts
Four songs claim the top four spots in the August Top 40.

 Friday At the Lunch Counter
County officials have their customary Friday lunch at the Summerset Grill.

 Comic Strips
Comic strip creators remember their newspaper debuts.

 Number Pyramid 7
Can you Cheops your way to a solution of Number Pyramid 7?

 Bling Bling
Center Joe Jumpshot preps for his first pro season by buying bling bling.

The Palmer children score aces in a round of Mini-Putt golf.

 Letter Dice 10
What are the six letters on each of the four dice?

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