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CDs for Christmas
Five friends receive top-of-the-charts CDs for Christmas.
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December 25, 2006
When they exchanged gifts Christmas Eve, five best friends, including Kayla, found that each of them had bought a music CD to give to one of the others, so that at the end of the event each girl ended up with a CD. As it turned out, no two of the girls ended up simply exchanging the CDs they bought. Can you swap the clues below to solve the Logic Puzzle of each friend's full name, the CD she bought as a gift, and the CD she got as a gift?

  1. The friend who bought the The Inspiration by Young Jeezy ended up with the CD that Cindy bought.
  2. The Steffins girl got the CD Erin brought to the exchange.
  3. The Williams girl neither bought nor got B'Day by Beyonce.
  4. The friend who bought Daughtry by Chris Daughtry to give as a gift ended up taking home the CD the Vito girl bought.
  5. The girl who bought The Evolution by Ciara was happy she got The Inspiration as a gift.
  6. The Urban girl, who isn't Alexis, isn't the one who brought B'Day as a gift.
  7. Cindy neither bought nor got Daughtry.
  8. Alexis isn't the one who brought The Dutchess by Fergie to give to a friend.
  9. The CD the Vito girl bought isn't The Inspiration.
  10. Cindy and the Steffins girl wrapped their CDs in red wrapping paper.
  11. The Turner girl didn't get Daughtry.
  12. Monique isn't the one who got B'Day as a gift.
  13. The CD Erin brought isn't Daughtry.

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