All-Star Puzzles
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Logic Problems
These best-of-the-Web puzzles test even experienced logic solvers.
Stars indicate level of difficulty, from Easy to Challenger.

2009: Logic Problems will no longer be updated weekly.
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November 2005-March 2006

 Art for Art's Sake
Art Arthur adds paintings by four new artists to his collection.

 The Sporty Award
Five local sports reporters are nominated for best human interest feature.

 All-Around All-Star
5th graders compete in academic and athletic skills to become the All-Around All-Star.

 Pinball Players
Pinball players score big to become Boardwalk champs.

 Auto Service Managers
Eight service managers keep customers' vehicles moving at Cozy Valley Motors.

 Sammy Slapdash Gets a Date for the Dance
With the Slapdash family, it's not even five strikes and you're out.

 Roller Derby Hall of Famers
The Roller Derby Hall of Fame adds five great female skaters.

 Jigsaw Teamwork
The Locke children work together to complete a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

 Word Square 8
Cash in on the fun with today's Logic Puzzle.

 Cheerleaders' Lockers
Summerset High cheerleaders enjoy the honor of special lockers.

 At the Vet's
Dr. Steve Corwin spends last Saturday treating five family dogs.

 Trading Michael Connelly
Five fans of the mystery thriller author swap favorite novels.

 Nick's Aunts and Uncles Come Through
... with new Xbox games as Christmas gifts.

 Bargain Buys
Great bargains = Christmas gifts for dads = a tough Logic Puzzle.

 Number Pyramid 5
Number Pyramid 5 adds up to a Challenger Logic Puzzle.

 The Treasure of the Gold Galleon
X marks the spot where the fabled treasure of the Spanish Main is buried.

 Flying Home from Grandma's
The Jones sextuplets fly home after spending Thanksgiving with their grandparents.

 Winkie Widget Honors
Five longtime employees get gold-plated widgets.

 Boeing, Boeing!
Wendy Winger sees the U.S.A. in her career as a flight attendant.

 The Last Weekend at the Beach
Labor Day weekend rentals punctuate a big summer for Blue Crab Realty.

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