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Logic Problems
These best-of-the-Web puzzles test even experienced logic solvers.
Stars indicate level of difficulty, from Easy to Challenger.

2009: Logic Problems will no longer be updated weekly.
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October 2002-February 2003

 The E-Mails
Five e-mails from friends make the computer homework go faster and this a challenger Logic Puzzle.

 The Vending Machines
Trace the trail of Stu Snackerman as he services his machines.

 A Ride on the Rocky Railroad
Steam through the scenic towns of the Old West.

 The Retirement Dinner
The Western Widget Co. honors Herb Herbert for his career.

 Live and In Person at the Super Bowl
Super seats for super fans at Super Bowl XXXVII in All-Star Puzzles' Super Logic Puzzle.

 Rating New Restaurants
Several new Summerset restaurants draw rave reviews.

 Dare to Ski
Skiers dare each other to challenge the runs at Big Roundtop in this downhill Logic Puzzle.

 A Calendar For 2003.
Local landmarks highlight the best-selling Conemaugh County 2003 Calendar.

 "Blintz and Co.": The New Year's Resolutions
Comic strip characters make resolutions for 2003--and beyond.

 Novel Gifts
Bestselling novels make great Christmas gifts.

 The Christmas Train
The Lionels' Christmas train runs under the tree.

 New Logic Puzzle Constructors
Five new contributors make their Logic Puzzle debuts.

 Toy Store Jobs
High schoolers enjoy seasonal work at OAF Shreck.

 Turkey Time
Ben Butterball surprises his neighbors with gift gobblers for Thanksgiving.

 The Fillmore Dirigible: In Flight
The band flies west for a guest shot with Jay Leno in this top-flight Logic Puzzle.

 Letter Dice 2
Recover the Letter Dice in today's Logic Puzzle game.

 No Blows Barred
Five new champions win tough bouts in the "almost anything goes" competition.

 A Halloween Logic Problem
Colorfully-costumed couples greet and treat children on Elm St.

 A Collection of Villains
Collectibles starring Disney villains brighten Wendy's birthday.

 Great Pumpkins
Giant gourds weigh in for the title of Great Pumpkin.

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