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Logic Problems
These best-of-the-Web puzzles test even experienced logic solvers.
Stars indicate level of difficulty, from Easy to Challenger.

2009: Logic Problems will no longer be updated weekly.
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January-May 2007

 Prom Queen
Who is Summerset High Prom Queen for 2007?

 Young Actresses: Bit Parts in the Soaps
Young actresses hope that parts in network soap operas lead to larger roles.

 Word Square 11
A ROSE by any other name makes a sweet Logic Puzzle.

 Saturday Night Movie Marathon
Five DVDs in a row make a Movie Marathon for Scott and five friends.

 The Big Trade
Baseball card collectors make a big trade of Hall-of-Famer cards.

 Playing Cosmic Armageddon
The choice of equipment at the video game's start makes or breaks a player.

 Number Pyramid 8
Is it Pharaoh to ask you to solve Number Pyramid 8?

 All in a Day's Casework
Attorney Alexander A. Turney handles a variety of legal issues during an 8-hour workday.

 City Offices
To conduct Summerset city business, visit the municipal offices at 1 Summerset Commons.

 Robin Hood's Big Day
The legendary outlaw steals from the rich to give to the poor.

 Ice That Doughnut
Summerset Sticks ice hockey players sell doughnuts to go to the Midget Stanley Cup.

 Artisan Alley
Can you locate the eight studios in Artisan Alley?

 Gearing Up for Soccer
Beckham buys new soccer gear and hits the Food Court at the mall.

 Door Prize Winners
Family fun outings are won at the annual Daughter-Father Dinner.

 Flower Calendar 2007
Gardeners-of-the-month and their favorite flowers adorn their club's 2007 calendar.

 The Basketball Tournament
Eight top teams compete in the Great Hoops event.

 Letter Dice 11
Roll the dice and make words?

 The Academic All-Stars Luncheon
Sunset High students enjoy an honorary luncheon at the monthly Rotary Club meeting.

 The Perils of Pony Pete
The Wild West hero's adventures make a great video game.

 Bowl Game Party
A New Year's Day college bowl bash rings in 2007.

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