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Library Returns
The mystery is: In what order do the five mysteries go back on the shelf?
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November 6, 2006
In the course of their work at Summerset Community Library yesterday, Sue and four other library assistants each put a mystery novel back on the shelf in the KE section of fiction. The five novels, including Blood Moon, ended up back on the shelf left-to-right alphabetically according to their authors' surnames, including a mystery written by Diane Kellerman and then one by Laura Kellogg. Given the clues below, can you solve the Mystery of the Library Returns by determining the order 1st-5th in which the five assistants returned the books to the KE section of the shelf and the author of each novel?

  1. When Joe returned a mystery to the KE section of the shelf, he put it directly between Orange Skirt to the left and Chinny Chin Chin to the right.
  2. Dee isn't the library assistant who returned the Harlan Keitel novel to the KE section.
  3. When Bill put the James Keiser mystery back on the shelf, it went next to the book that another of the five assistants had returned to the KE section.
  4. When Trish put a book in the KE section, she placed it directly between the Harlan Keitel mystery to the left and The Streets of Baltimore to the right.
  5. When Dee returned a novel to the shelf, she put it directly between Heir Apparent to the left and the Michael Kelly mystery to the right.

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