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Friday At the Lunch Counter
County officials have their customary Friday lunch at the Summerset Grill.
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September 18, 2006
Last Friday, as usual, five of Summerset County's elected officials who have been friends for years met for lunch at the Summerset Grill. As usual, the five sat on the five stools at the back end of the lunch counter, and, as usual, each ordered a different sandwich, dessert, and drink--one having chocoalte milk--for lunch. Given the clues below, can you solve this Challenger Logic Puzzle by finding each official's full name and elected office and what he or she had for lunch, as well as their seating arrangement--the order left-to-right in which the waitress served the five from behind the counter?

  1. Mr. Harmon had a lively conversation with the two officials seated on either side of him, the County Sheriff and the person who ordered tea.
  2. The Clerk of Courts, who didn't drink tea, isn't the one who ordered the homebaked apple dumpling for dessert.
  3. Daniel sat to the immediate left of the official who had a hot dog with sauerkraut on it.
  4. John sat to the immediate right of the County Commissioner.
  5. The Register of Wills sat between and next to Linda and the person who enjoyed the apple dumpling for dessert.
  6. The one who had the bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich sat farther away at the counter from the Justice of the Peace than Robert did.
  7. The official who indulged in a hot fudge sundae for dessert didn't order tea as a drink.
  8. Ms. Baker isn't the one who savored the cinnamon roll for dessert.
  9. Daniel isn't County Commissioner.
  10. Linda isn't County Sheriff.
  11. The person who had an egg salad sandwich sat between and next to the Clerk of Courts and the one who ordered the hot fudge sundae.
  12. Wilcox sat immediately next to the person who drank a Sprite.
  13. The person who had a hamburger for lunch sat immediately next to the one who enjoyed the slice of chocolate cake.
  14. The Sheriff isn't the one who indulged in the apple dumpling for dessert.
  15. John's dessert wasn't the hot fudge sundae.
  16. Mr. Jones, the person who had the tuna melt, and the one who drank coffee are all three in their second terms in office.
  17. Neither the official who had lemon meringue pie nor the one who had chocolate cake ordered the bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich.
  18. Karen and Stahl always walk back to the courthouse to pare off some of the lunch calories.
  19. The Justice of the Peace isn't the one who drank a Coke.

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