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Sid Slapdash's Santa Claus Adventure
There's havoc in Toyland as Sid Slapdash plays Santa Claus.
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December 18, 2006
Last Saturday morning, Sid Slapdash made his debut as Santa Claus at Summerset Mall, replacing the previous St. Nick who had a nervous breakdown. Of course, Sid being Sid, nothing went right from the start: each of the first five children in line, who are different ages from 3-7, became a problem for our jolly old elf. Given the clues below, can you solve our Christmas Logic Puzzle by finding in order 1st-5th the full names and ages of Santa's visitors and the trouble he or she created for Sid?

  1. Kristin was immediately followed in line by the 5-year-old, who was then followed by the child who stuck a lollipop in Sid's beard.
  2. The 3-year-old isn't the one who spilled a grape soda on Sid's pants.
  3. The 6-year-old isn't the child who announced to the waiting line after getting off Sid's lap that Sid wasn't the real Santa Claus.
  4. The North child was immediately after Brent in line.
  5. The Ruiz child isn't the one who insisted on reading a two-page Christmas wish list while the line grew and grew.
  6. Kristin isn't the Towne child.
  7. Anna isn't the one who got the lollipop into Sid's beard.
  8. Chad was immediately followed by the child who spilled the grape soda on Sid.
  9. The Ashe child was right after the 7-year-old in line.
  10. The Towne child immediately preceded Anna in line.
  11. The Marino child and then the Ruiz child visited Santa Claus Sid.
  12. The Ashe child isn't the one who slowly read the two-page Christmas list nor the child who screamed for five minutes before sitting on Sid's lap.
  13. Grace immediately followed the 3-year-old in visiting Santa Sid.

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