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Bling Bling
Center Joe Jumpshot preps for his first pro season by buying bling bling.
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August 28, 2006
When #1 draft pick Joe Jumpshot signed his first professional contract, the 7-footer went on a spending spree in Summerset's jewelry stores. The star center loaded up on the bling bling, buying a different item for a different price from each of five area shops. Given the clues below, can you find the bling Joe Jumpshot bought in each jewelry store, the store's location in Summerset, and how much he spent on the item?

  1. The platinum chain isn't the item Joe Jumpshot bought at the Capote St. store.
  2. The gold necklace cost Joe $10,000 more than the item he bought at Tiffin's and $20,000 more than the jewelry he purchased at the Payton Place shop.
  3. After buying one piece of bling at Harry Churchill Jewelers, the 7-footer bought an item at another store located on Rodeo Road.
  4. The center paid $5,000 more for the diamond bracelet than he did for the bling he bought at Regency Jewelry.
  5. The pearl earring Joe bought isn't the piece of jewelry he purchased at Sanborn & Son.
  6. Joe Jumpshot spent $10,000 more on the platinum chain than he did on the bling he bought at the store on 6th Ave.
  7. Joe's made one bling bling purchase at J. Merlot Jewelry, which isn't on Payton Place.
  8. The item bought at Harry Churchill Jewelers cost the #1 draft pick $5,000 more than the bling he bought from the shop in the Metro Arcade.
  9. The one-of-a-kind silver anklet, which wasn't designed by Regency Jewelry, isn't the item Joe bought from the Rodeo Road store.
  10. With the least he paid for any item of bling bling being $10,000, Joe Jumpshot's spending spree cost him a total of $100,000.

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