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James Stock, Agent 000
The fifth thriller featuring America's ace secret agent debuts.
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November 27, 2006
Last weekend, the fifth movie in the James Stock, Agent 000, series opened with the biggest box office among movies debuting. Like its four prequels, the movie centered on the secret agent's attempts to recover an item vital to the national interest--with the aid of a beautiful love interest, of course. Given the clues below, can you determine the order in which the five James Stock movies, one of which is Sunraker, have been released, the stolen item central to each movie's plot, and Agent 000's love interest in the film?

  1. The movie in which Stock is aided by Mary Goodeve isn't the one in which he goes after the missing XYZ-9 Missile.
  2. In one movie, Agent 000 recovers $100 Printing Plates stolen from the Bureau of Printinging and Engraving; in the movie released next, he falls in love with Tiffany Sack.
  3. The movie in which Kat Galore is Stock's love interest isn't Silverfinger.
  4. From Poland With Love was released earlier than the movie in which Jill Masterly helps the hero, which was in theaters before the film in which Agent 000 recovers the XYZ-9 Missile and its nuclear warhead.
  5. The plot of the third movie doesn't center on the theft of the Declaration of Independence.
  6. The movie in which James Stock recovers the Stealth Bomber is earlier in the series than the film in which he goes after the Conundrum Cipher Machine.
  7. The movie in which Agent 000 recovers the Declaration of Independence is earlier in the series than the film in which Mary Goodeve is Stock's love interest but was released later than Doctor Yes.
  8. The character Honey Walker is in an earlier Stock film than the one that opened last weekend.
  9. Jill Masterly, who isn't the love interest in the second Stock movie, and the love interest in the film centering on the stolen $100 Printing Plates both meet untimely ends in the movies in which they are characters.
  10. James Stock's love interest in From Poland With Love isn't Tiffany Sack.
  11. The plot of Silverfinger doesn't center on the theft of the Declaration of Independence.
  12. The disappearance of the XYZ-9 Missile isn't in the plot of Lightningball.
  13. The plot of Doctor Yes doesn't revolve around Stock's recovery of the missing Stealth Bomber.

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