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The Hot Dog Eating Contest
Radio show duos compete in downing Ethan's Famous Foot-Longs.
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October 23, 2006
Last Saturday, to raise money for the United Fund, five on-air radio duos, each from a different Coopertown station, competed in a Hot Dog Eating Contest, with each pair downing as many of Ethan's Famous Foot-Longs as they could during the 30-minute event. From the contest results below, can you decide the radio personality pair on each station and the number of foot-longs the two consumed during the contest?

  1. The five duos ate a total of 115 of Ethan's Famous Foot-Longs, with the least any pair having downed during the event being 10 hot dogs.
  2. Kirk and his partner wolfed down 10 more hot dogs than the on-air pair from WRST-FM and 20 more than Amelia and her radio pal.
  3. Brian and his partner, who isn't Jones, aren't the duo on WHAM-FM.
  4. Lance and his partner have a morning drive show, while the duos on WDXW-FM and WELL-FM are on-air during the afternoon rush hour.
  5. Mark and his mate ate twice as many foot-longs as the WPOP-FM pair, who had 10 more foot-longs than Jones and partner.
  6. Mickey and his partner, who isn't Amelia, downed twice as many Ethan's Famouses as the WHAM-FM duo.
  7. The Hamster and his radio partner ate more hot dogs than Brian and his partner did.
  8. Cass and her partner aren't the personalities on WDXW-FM.
  9. Vince and his mate and Jones and partner washed down their hot dogs with Perrier water.

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