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The President Ate Here
In our 100th Logic Problem, can you find which U.S. President enjoyed the fare at each Spenser's Mountain food emporium?
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February 16, 2004
Presidents' Day brings newspaper stories about the distinction held by Spenser's Mountain culinary establishments: five different American Presidents have dined in local restaurants (though none Have Slept Here). Each of the five, who dined in the village while they were in office (James Buchanan in 1858, Chester A. Arthur in 1884, Benjamin Harrison in 1890, William McKinley in 1899, and William Howard Taft in 1911), enjoyed a different main dish at a different establishment. From the clues a la carte below, can you find what dinner each President ate and in which restaurant he had his meal?

  1. The five Presidents Who Ate Here were William Howard Taft, the one who ate chicken and dumplings, the President who enjoyed his repast at the New Inn, the Chief Executive who dined on grilled rainbow trout, and the one who praised the rustic setting of the Brookside.
  2. The President who dined on venison stew didn't eat it at Grove Farm.
  3. One visiting President ate at Mrs. Pepper's; the next President to eat in Spenser's Mountain had a double serving of tender roast beef au jus.
  4. Chester A. Arthur, who didn't have venison stew, isn't the President who enjoyed dining in the pub-like atmosphere of the Winter's Tale.
  5. Grove Farm hadn't been built yet when one President visited the village for stuffed pork chops.
  6. The meal served one President at Mrs. Pepper's wasn't rainbow trout.
  7. The man who ate at the Winter's Tale had neither roast beef au jus nor venison stew.
  8. The New Inn didn't serve the President who ate there--who wasn't James Buchanan--stuffed pork chops.

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