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Call a Cab
Taxis take fares to Saturday dinner in downtown Summerset.
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January 5, 2004
Saturday evening, the first five calls that Central Taxi Dispatch received were for trips from a different Summerset street--one from Lake Blvd.--to a different downtown restaurant--one to the Dockside. A different one of the five cab companies, including New Taxi, served by Central Dispatch took each fare. Given the log data below, can you determine the order in which the five calls were dispatched: the cab company that took the fare and from which street to which restaurant the transport was made?

  1. The Triangle cab took an earlier fare than the one from Hill Ave., which was earlier than the fare to the Golden Dragon.
  2. The fare from Church St. wasn't the one that went to the Bangkok Delight.
  3. Consecutive calls went first to a Purple cab and then to an American cab.
  4. The City cab was dispatched later than the River Way pickup but earlier than the fare to the K. C. Steakhouse.
  5. The pickup on Church St. came earlier than the one on Elm Ct.
  6. The 4th fare was driven to the Marrakesh restaurant.
  7. The stop on River Way wasn't made by the Triangle cab.
  8. The Elm Ct. pickup, which wasn't made by the American cab, didn't go to the K. C. Steakhouse.

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