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Lady Godiva's Ride
Peeping Tom wasn't the only Coventry citizen to sneak a peek at the naked lady.
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April 5, 2004
When Lady Godiva rode naked through the streets of Coventry to protest the heavy taxes levied on the population by her husband, he ordered the citizenry to remain indoors behind shuttered windows. Legend has it that one man sneaked a peak, thus gaining centuries of fame thereafter as Peeping Tom. Truth be told, however, Tom wasn't the only man of Coventry to look on the lady's loveliness as she trotted by; five other residents, each of whom had a different occupation in the city, glimpsed Lady Godiva as she passed a different location in the ville. Take a peek at the clues below and determine each Peeping ___'s name and occupation, where he saw the beautiful rider, and when in the 1st-5th order he observed her.

  1. Vin saw Lady Godiva earlier on her ride than the man who watched as she rode through The Shambles; the latter looked on her earlier than the pardoner did.
  2. Neither the man who sneaked a peak at milady at Banbury Cross nor the resident who glimpsed her in Cathedral Close was Peeping Hugh.
  3. Samson and the beggar, who wasn't in The Shambles when he saw the naked lady ride past him, both climbed trees to avoid being caught peeking.
  4. The baker, who wasn't John, didn't catch sight of Lady Godiva at Banbury Cross.
  5. The man who peeped at the lady on High Street did so later in her ride than Roger but earlier than the innkeeper did.
  6. The minstrel, who isn't Vin, wasn't in The Shambles when he saw the beautiful protester.
  7. The man who saw Lady Godiva canter past Banbury Cross wasn't the pardoner.
  8. The beggar glimpsed the noblewoman later in her her ride than the man who saw her pass the Wool Market; the latter's look at the lady came later than John's.

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