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Headhunters "R" We
Career stalled? Jump start it by calling Headhunters "R" We.
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March 29, 2004
Last week, job search firm Headhunters "R" We placed five different people--two women (Carolyn, Erica) and three men (Alex, Brett, and David)--into new positions. The firm found a job in a different career field at a different company for one of the five, including Jones, each day Monday-Friday. Given the data below, can you determine who was placed each day: his or her full name, type of job, and new employer?

  1. On three consecutive days first-to-last Headhunters "R" We placed Erica, Mr. Levin, and the sales representative with new companies.
  2. Alex isn't the one placed as a senior manager.
  3. The day before placing one person as an executive assistant, the firm got a job for another one of the five with Symbolic Systems.
  4. The day after placing the computer scientist, Headhunters "R" We put Kellogg in a new position.
  5. The electrical engineer was placed later in the week than the person who started work with Macrosoft was.
  6. Mendoza isn't the job seeker placed with Krump Properties.
  7. Carolyn's placement came one day before that of the person who is now with AE Games.
  8. The day after Mr. Nash got his new job, David was placed in his.
  9. Brett accepted his new position the day after the new employee of Tell Computers was placed.
  10. Nash left AE Games to accept the position at his new company.

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