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Santa to the Rescue
Never trust an elf to do a Claus's job!
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December 8, 2003
This Christmas Eve, Santa Claus will personally deliver all the presents to good little girls and boys--unlike last year, when, in an effort to get ahead of schedule, he dispatched his elves to make deliveries at the very first stop in Summerset and then had to rescue them from the mistakes they made. Santa sent a different helper to each of the five adjacent houses on Snowflake Lane (numbered 101, 103, 105, 107, and 109 east-to-west), including the White family's, and then had to enter the house to help the elf before continuing his world-wide route--behind schedule. Given the information below about what happened last Christmas, can you determine which family lives in each Snowflake Lane house, the elf Santa sent to deliver presents there, and what happened that required jolly old St. Nicholas to race to the rescue?

  1. The house in which one elf ate four pounds of the family's Christmas candy isn't 101 Snowflake Lane.
  2. After rescuing the elf who was barked into a corner by the family Chihuahua in one house, Santa went next door to the Starrs' home to rectify another problem.
  3. Santa dispatched Bobbin to the house immediately between the Donner family residence and the address where he had to unstick a mountain bike from the chimney where one elf had gotten it wedged.
  4. The Chihuahua incident didn't occur at the Rudolph residence.
  5. Neither Bigfoot nor Ollie is the helper who offended the dog.
  6. After rescuing Tiny Tim at one house, Santa Claus went next door to find trouble at the Rudolphs.
  7. The house where Santa found one helper chasing ornaments around the living room floor because he had knocked over the family Christmas is immediately between the home to which Grouchy went and the Frost family's colonial.
  8. Bigfoot's assignment wasn't 109 Snowflake Lane.
  9. The Frosts don't live next door to either the Rudolphs or the family who had the mountain bike caught in their chimney.
  10. Ollie, who wasn't dispatched to 103 Snowflake Lane, isn't the elf who delivered five Barbie dolls and to the family who have five sons and no daughters.

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