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Themed Cruises
Five couples set sail on week-long Caribbean cruises, each featuring a different theme.
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March 1, 2004
One week last month, the Whites and four other couples joined different Themed Cruises setting sail from Ocean City. Each cruise was on a different ship, and each had a different Caribbean locale as its destination--one went to Trinidad. Given the information that follows, can you find which couple departed each day Monday-Friday, the theme of their cruise, the cruise ship on which they sailed, and the ship's destination?

  1. The Comedy Club cruise, which didn't go to the Bahamas, wasn't the one on board the S. S. Atlantic Belle.
  2. The Cunards set sail one day before the couple embarking on the S.S. Southern Star and two days before the couple whose cruise destination was Mexico.
  3. The Fultons' cruise didn't leave on Tuesday.
  4. The Princes departed earlier in the week than the couple on the Puzzle Phanatics cruise, which wasn't the one sailing to the Virgin Islands.
  5. The cruise on the S.S. Jewel departed one day after the Bahamas-bound cruise and one day before the cruise catering to Kaye Marie Cosmetics distributors.
  6. The destination of the S. S. Majesty wasn't the Virgin Islands.
  7. The Sands left the day after the couple sailing on the S. S. Queen Maud and two days after the couple who joined players from the Summerset Smashers for their football-themed cruise.
  8. The ship that sailed to Jamaica wasn't the S. S. Atlantic Belle.
  9. The Sands' ship wasn't the S.S. Southern Star.
  10. The S. S. Queen Maud's destination wasn't Mexico.
  11. The Princes, who aren't the couple who fully soaked up the sun on the Naturists cruise, didn't embark on the S.S. Jewel.

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