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A Game of Monopoly
Who wins and who goes bankrupt in the classic board game?
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February 23, 2004
Last week, six fourth graders--three girls (Allison, Linda, Maria) and three boys (Drew, Eric, Mike)--played a two-hour game of Monopoly, with five going bankrupt and the winning sixth declaring "Monopoly!" Each player used a different one of the metal tokens, and each managed to buy one set of like-colored properties, one owning Orange, which he or she improved with houses and/or hotels. Given the clues below, can you "Pass Go" by determining the full name (one last name is Short) of each player, the token he or she used during the game, the set of properties he or she owned, and the order in which the five losers went bankrupt to leave one winner?

  1. Eric went bankrupt immediately before the player who bought Marvin Gardens and the other Yellow properties did; the child who used the Battleship token was still in the game after they were out.
  2. The Parker boy didn't own Pacific Avenue and the other Green properties.
  3. Drew didn't win the game.
  4. The Green properties weren't in possession of the player who had the Battleship token.
  5. Allison immediately preceded the player with the Top Hat token into bankruptcy. The Chance girl, who didn't have the Battleship as her playing token, went out of the game immediately following the player with the Top Hat token.
  6. Maria isn't the player who moved the Thimble token around the board.
  7. Right before the person who owned Illinois Avenue and the other Red properties went out of the game, the player with St. Charles Place and the other Purple rentals went bankrupt.
  8. Eric didn't buy the Green properties
  9. These three players declared bankruptcy in consecutive order first-to-last: Linda, the Parker child, and the one who owned the Blue properties, Boardwalk and Park Place.
  10. The Reading child once landed on Indiana Avenue, one of the Red properties, and had to pay rent to another player for the two houses on it.
  11. Neither the player who had the Flatiron nor the one who used the Thimble as a playing piece purchased the Purple properties.
  12. The player with the Automobile token went bankrupt right after Mike did; both lost when they landed on Green properties and couldn't pay the rent.
  13. The Waters boy didn't play with the Top Hat as his token.
  14. The Baltic child, who didn't own the Red trio, and the player who had the Cannon playing piece both drew "Get Out of Jail Free" cards.
  15. Linda, who didn't buy the Green properties, and the player who used the Automobile token each owned one of the utility companies in addition to a color property set.

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