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The 2004 Farmdale Farm Calendar
... features a different "Animal of the Month" for January-December, 2004.
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January 19, 2004
This year, the bestselling Farmdale FFA calendar features local animals, including one named Chester, in different farm poses. Each of the 12 kinds of animals--one being a pig--appears as "Animal of the Month" for one month January-December, 2004. Given the calendar chronology below, can you determine the name and kind of farm animal featured each month? (Note: it should not be assumed that an animal has a name that matches its gender.)

  1. The cat appears one month before Beau does.
  2. Kate is featured one month before the cow and two months ahead of Duke.
  3. Harvey is at home on Maple Farm, while the cat and goose reside at Lookout Mountain Farm.
  4. July's guest animal is Jasmine the sheep.
  5. The donkey is in the calendar one month before the chicken, whose name isn't Ginny.
  6. For three consecutive months first-to-last, the animal stars are Lulu, Harvey, and the horse.
  7. Elmer's layout isn't November's.
  8. The rabbit is featured earlier in the year than December.
  9. October's animal is Annie, who is neither the cow nor the horse.
  10. Ike's photo appears one month before Ginny's, which is for the month before the dog's.
  11. Frances is featured one month after the goose is.
  12. Kate isn't the cat or horse.
  13. In their calendar photos, Lulu and the donkey are both shown eating.
  14. The turkey is "Animal of the Month" one month before the goat is.

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