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Spot the Differences
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March-August 2020

Chinatown at Dusk
We painted the hustling, bustling neighborhood with 13 alterations for the solver to find.

The Art Show
A collection of kids' artwork becomes a colorful canvas for a 13-change puzzle.

Who's in Control?
We hope none of our 12 changes to this zoo cage control box lets the elephants escape.

Gaudy Garden
It's a bug's life in this colorful California mural which we repainted with 13 changes.

Annapolis in Art
Can you find the 12 differences we added to this portrait of Annapolis and its harbor?

A sailboat docked at the harbor in Annapolis, Maryland, is the subject for today's 12-change puzzle.

Darjeeling Railway Station
We've made 13 alterations to this image of a busy Indian railroad terminal.

Sweet Treat
A candy store becomes a sweet subject for our 13-differences puzzle.

The Old Living Room
Our 13 changes to this museum living room don't alter its mid-20th century air.

Signs Galore
A wall of signs gets our signature special effects with 13 changes for the solver to find.

Wassily Kandinsky: Composition VIII
A painting by the Russian pioneer in abstract art receives 13 strokes of our digital brush in today's Spot the Differences puzzle..

Quadricentennial Mural
We've added 13 touches of our own to this small portion of a large mural celebrating Burlington, Vermont's 400th birthday.

Sesquicentennial Fire Truck
An FDNY fire engine celebrates 150 years of service by the department to New York City, and we celebrate with 13 alterations to the scene.

Honoring Louis Pasteur
A staned-glass window commemorating the noted French scientist becomes a challenging 13-difference puzzle.

Festival of Fools
Acrobats entertain by showing off their skills, and we entertain by adding 13 chnages to the image.

Transportation and Communications
... are celebrated in this Toledo, Ohio, library mural, along with our 14 alterations.

Brasserie des Tanneurs
A chaotic collection of chickens, chairs, cages, cans, and hearts adorns this restaurant, and we've added to the chaos with 13 changes.

Flight in Myth
Men dreamed of flying for centuries through their mythology as illustrated by this mural, to which we have made 13 alterations.

"Get Your Souvenirs Here!"
A vendor pitches Portland, Oregon, parade-watchers on a variety of souvenirs, while we pitch the solver on 14 changes to the scene.

Old Classroom
A recreated schoolroom inside the Ford House in Breckenridge, Colorado, can help solvers practice finding differences--13 in this puzzle--between images.

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