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Spot the Differences
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April-August 2007

Antiques Galore
... and 21 changes to the window of this antique store.

Yes, We Have Bagels
This San Francisco eatery makes sure everyone knows they do sell bagels--23 flavors, perhaps?

Sweet Shop
Great treats and tons of calories, and 24 changes, tempt visitors to New Hope, PA, and All-Star Puzzles.

Champorama Park
This small park brightens a corner of northwest Washington, even with the 22 differences we made between the photos.

Motorcycle Museum
A bonanza for bikers visiting Niagara Falls, Ontario--and a 23-change bonanza for Spot the Difference aficionados.

Jan Steen: The Dancing Couple
The happy couple dances up a storm, and we change up a storm with 24 alterations.

Cafe D'Amore
This Little Italy mural seems to invite the passerby into a peaceful garden--planted with 23 changes.

The U.S.S. Taney
The last surviving Pearl Harbor ship survives the 22 changes we've made in the righthand photo.

Boardwalk Landmark
It's hard to notice the 24 differences we made in Ocean City's wildly arty Ocean Gallery.

The Book of Kells
Irish eyes may smile, but solvers' eyes will work hard finding the 24 changes guest constructor Ed Zajac made to his photo of a page in the c. 800 A.D. illuminated manuscript.

Honoring William Booth
This stained-glass window in the National Cathedral commemorates the good works done by the founder of the Salvation Army.

Meaner Than a Junkyard Dog
... is what this puzzle of 21 Spot the Differences is.

Utagawa Kunitsuna Woodcut
Be a Samurai Spot-the-Difference solver on this 23-alterations work of classical Japanese art.

Welcome to Ellicott City
... and the 22 changes we made to this picture of one of America's earliest industrial centers.

Dusk Descends on Chinatown
... and bright lights, along with the 23 changes we made, add to the appeal of San Francisco's famous district.

The Talk
George Catlin's paintings of Native Americans are the subject of an expert's talk--which is the subject of a 22-change Spot the Differences.

American Gothic
Seen in person at Washington's Renwick, Grant Wood's famous painting is more glorious than we ever imagined.

In Celebration of Captain John Smith
Jamestown's founder explores the Potomac River--in spite of our 21 little changes.

The earthly bounty depicted in this painting increases with the 23 Spot-the-Differences we've added for your solving pleasure.

It's About Time
Can you tick off All-Star's 24 alterations to this building-sized billboard advertising Columbia, Pa.'s noted National Watch & Clock Museum?

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