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Spot the Differences
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August-December 2008

Birds take flight along with 23 changes in this Utagawa Kunitsuna work.

The Neighborhood Store
The neighborhood store is decorated for the holiday season with 20 changes.

Flower Shop
Find a dozen roses and 20 changes at this Telegraph Avenue flower store.

Lincoln Thanks the Soldiers
19 changes have been made to this painting of President Lincoln greeting wounded troops.

Celebrate 250 years with 21 changes to this York mural.

This back street in Chinatown offers hidden delights--a 21-change Spot the Difference.

Ben Franklin
Discover 22 changes in this stained glass tribute to Benjamin Franklin.

Flying Fish Grill
Tacos, jambalaya, and 20 changes await visitors to this Half Moon Bay delight.

The Idea of Flight Takes Flight
... in this mural of mythical flyers, in which we have taken a 22-change flight of fancy.

Trick or Treat
All the ghouls and ghosts love the fun of Halloween--and the fun of a 22-change Spot the Difference Puzzle.

The Harbormaster's Boat
Join the Annapolis Harbormaster on patrol and find the 20 differences between the two photos.

On Broadway
The Great White Way makes a great 20-change Spot the Differences Puzzle.

Lots of stuff makes it a challenge to find the 21 differences in today's puzzle.

New York Ferry Terminal
Catch the ferry to Governor's Island and catch the 20 changes we made to this Lower Manhattan scene.

Life in Imperial China
There's a lot of action on in this Chinese street scene, including 21 differences between the two photos.

Killer Trash
This Fell's Point shop offers an eclectic mix of merchandise--and a 20-change puzzle.

Bull Market
Wall St. visitors look for the bull to bring finanical success, while solvers look for 24 differences

In Days of Old
... when knights were bold, heroes and heroines secured their homelands, while we've secured a 23-difference puzzle for you.

Let the Light In
When you let the light in at the National Cathedral, you get a kaleidoscope of color--and 20 Spot the Differences.

American Relic
Two things you rarely see anymore--a wooden Indian and a tobacco shop--make a smoking 23-change picture puzzle.

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