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Spot the Differences
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March-August 2011

18 changes make this interesting Fell's Point emporium even more interesting.

Beach Patrol
Lifeguards patrolling a New Jersey beach make it safe to swim in the surf--and we make it fun to surf for 16 alterations.

Baltimore's Port Discovery is a fun destination for children of all ages. Can you discover the 20 differences between the two images of a museum tableau?

The Naturalist's Desk
A quiet nook for a naturalist's bookwork becomes a 16-change challenge for solvers.

Haight-Ashbury is always a colorful place to find Spot the Difference pictures, to one of which we've made 18 alterations.

Little Carousel
Take a spin and grab the 17 differences added to this mall mini-merry-go-round.

Mickey and Friends
The colorful mouse and other famous figures fill the window of an antique shop, and we fill the photo with 18 changes to spot.

Jersey Shore
We hope you enjoy this 17-change puzzle as much as these Jersey Shore visitors enjoy the sun and surf.

Time for Tea on the Tiber
The Mad Hatter of Spot the Differences has poured 16 alterations into this Ellicott City scene.

We're Having a Party
... and you're invited to find the 19 differences between the two party table pictures.

Cooperation and Responsibility
Two great books for kids come to life to teach life lessons in this elementary school decoration, and we give a 20-change lesson in Spotting the Differences.

Chinatown Market
Can you find 18 differences between the two pictures of the same Washington Chinatown store?

Let's Go Crabbing
And when we do, we can mark our pot locations with these colorful buoys--which we've marked with 17 differences.

Italian Festival
Great food and drink and greeting old friends make Little Italy's annual fete fun and make a fun 19-difference puzzle.

One Man's Trash
... is another man's treasure, and this store window is filled with that treasure--and 17 changes.

The Good Old Days
... along Rte. 40 West in Baltimore are remembered in this drive-in decoration, days we fondly salute with 19 Spot the Differences.

Products of Peru
A shop selling beautiful arts and goods from the Andes makes a bright 18-difference puzzle.

The Harbor in Annapolis
Sailboats dock at the foot of Main Street in Maryland's capital, with the scene undergoing 17 changes at our hands.

A Baltimore Bank Wall
... is anything but blank, with a Clipper City theme and 18 differences to spot.

Lord and Lady
... display their finery in this wall panel, which we have touched up with 18 subtle alterations.

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