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Spot the Differences
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March-August 2016

Fell's Point Facades
The 17 alterations we made to this Baltimore scene make a tough Spot the Difference puzzle.

The Battle of Tewkesbury
Iron-clad infantry gathers around heraldic standards to fight a reenactment of the historic English engagement, while solvers gather to conquer a 15-change Spot the Differences.

This colorfully-detailed piece, even with our 16 alterations, lends a touch of the Far East to the reception room.

Welch, Now and Then
A West Virginia town remembers its past with a Main St. mural, as we add 17 alterations to its present.

Going Up
Rugby players must elevate with the help of teammates to grab the ball during a lineout, and solvers must elevate their solving to find our 15 changes.

August Macke: Colored Composition (Homage to Johann Sebastian Bach)
As he pays homage to the great German composer, we pay homage to the great German artist with our 16 subtle "touch-ups" to his work.

Toronto Art Hot Spot
The outside of a nightclub in Toronto is covered with crazy cool artwork, helped along by our 16 alterations.

Downhill Racer
A soap box derby contestant speeds past our 15 changes on the way to the finish line.

Ilot de Sidi Abderrahmane
Moroccans enjoy the beach and other attractions of this famous island in Casablanca, and you will enjoy looking for the 17 differences between the images.

100 Flavors!
Most visitors to Rehoboth Beach can find their favorite ice cream flavors, while all our solvers can find the 17 differences between the images.

A motorbiker literally flies in pursuit of the race leaders in today's 15-differences puzzle.

See Shells Shesells by the Shesore
Er, actually, She Sells Seashells by the Seashore, and we give you a Seashell Spot the Differences with 15 changes.

Mini-Macy's Parade
A Santiago street vendor creates his own parade of balloons, and we create a puzzle of 16 differences for the solver to find.

The Circus Comes to Town
We're not clowning around with our 16 alterations to this old poster that reminds us of the splendor of the circuses past

Big Big Screen TV
A six-story screen dominates a New York building, and 17 changes dominate today's Spot the Differences Puzzle.

Are There Any Rules to This Game?
Team handball players fight rough and tumble for the ball amid our 16 changes to the action.

The Way We Were: Working in West Virginia
We help a painter celebrate the working past of Bluefield, WV, with our 16 "improvements" to his scene.

The Battle of Olustee
A band of reenactors form a Confederate band to commemorate Florida's largest Civil War battle. Can you find the 15 differences between the images?

A Seed-y Spot the Differences
We've planted 16 changes for you to unearth in this rack of seed packets.

Chinatown Saturday
Our 15 alterations add even more action to the busy street scene in New York's historic district.

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