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Spot the Differences
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August-December 2004

Capitol Improvements
Well, okay, maybe the 23 alterations we made to the U. S. Capitol aren't really improvements--just representative of what Spot the Difference puzzles are about.

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
Along with an elf and reindeer, jolly old St. Nick delivers a gift of 25 changes and a hearty "ho ho ho" to the All-Star Puzzles visitor.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive
At this old-time general store in Ellicott City, just about anything useful for everyday living is on a shelf somewhere.

For the Little Guys
... we have these durable vehicles. They make sounds, and we make 25 changes to them.

'Tis the Season
Actually, we've been seeing Christmas decorations since Columbus Day, but we declare the season officially here with today's Spot the Differences.

Camden Yards Visit
Baltimore's baseball stadium, which attracts tourists year-round, opens into a vibrant downtown.

Johnny Appleseed Played Here
Baugher's Orchard entertains children with this apple-themed playground.

Let's Go to the Movies
... at this Hollywood Boulevard Theater--to which we've added 22 Spot the Difference special effects.

History Glass
Today's Spot the Differences celebrates the Pilgrims as told in this stained glass window.

With colorful costumes and light steps, these dancers entertain at the opening of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington.

This fire engine needs urgent care after the 25 changes we made to it.

The View From Federal Hill
The National Aquarium anchors Baltimore's bustling-with-tourists Inner Harbor.

Kitchen Kitsch
Cool collectibles remind us of our pink pastel past.

San Diego General Store
You can get provisions for your trip through Old Town at this general store.

Filled-to-the-Max Marina
Sailing through this nautical Spot the Difference puzzle may prove somewhat stormy with our 23 alterations.

How will this motor run after we make 23 changes to it?

Ellicott City Emporium
Stop for an oldie-but-goodie knickknack at this one of many antiques shops on Main Street.

Street Haberdasher
Buy a cap from this downtown Beantown street vendor.

The Sunday Paper
Our 24 alterations to this spread of newspaper sections couldn't change any of the bad news to good.

Balboa Park Pool
This water lily-filled pool reflects the grand architecture of San Diego's beautiful Balboa Park.

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