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Spot the Differences
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January-March 2006

A ship arriving in port salutes the harbor with a 25-change salute.

San Francisco in Miniature
We've made 23 alterations to this colorful Castro District mural depicting the city of San Francisco in small scale.

Lots of Dining Choices
From Korean to fish and chips, this city block offers diners myriad ethnic restaurant choices.

Matryoshka and Friends
Russian nesting dolls and various brightly painted figurines undergo 23 changes in today's Spot the Differences.

This tony town across the Golden Gate makes a $1,000,000(+)--and 25-difference--climb up the hills from San Francisco Bay.

Dishing It Out
A country motif complete with roosters to wake you up decorates this tableware, and we made 25 subtle changes to help keep you awake.

Birthday Balloons
All-Star Puzzles says "Happy Birthday to you" with this 24-difference puzzle.

Let's Eat Mexican
A gaily-painted taqueria that fits right in on Haight St. invites us to dine on burritos and tacos and 24 changes.

The Gift of Yellow
... comes in these sunny gift bags--along with 25 changes we made from left photo to right photo.

Chinatown Corner
Can you slay this 26-difference dragon of a puzzle picturing San Francisco's colorful quarter?

Our Cups Runneth Over
... with the challenge of finding the 24 changes we made to this collage of coffee cups.

Arcade Classic
Winning was never easier: simply Spot the 25 Differences between these pictures of the oldtime arcade game Circus.

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