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Spot the Differences
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January-June 2014

Mystic Boats
Boats and buildings to support seafarers dot Mystic Seaport, and 16 changes dot our image of the scene.

Mt. Pleasant
We've made 15 subtle alterations to this block of shops in the culturally-diverse Washington, D. C., neighborhood.

Let's Have a (P)Arty
... finding the 17 differences between the images of fun art materials designed for children.

Washington, D. C., Street Scene Mural
Activiies past and present along a 10th St. are pictured in this mural, along with 16 subtle changes that we have made to the atmosphere.

At the Snow Cap
The Arizona burger cafe that owns this classic has served customers on historic Route 66 for years, and we serve 16 changes for the solver to find.

Fort McHenry Officers' Mess
Oh say can you see the 15 differences in this puzzle honoring the brave men who battled to save Baltimore in 1814.

My Beautiful Balloon
Balloons begin to rise at the annual festival in Albequerque, carrying our 16 changes with them.

Mardi Gras Parade
A great float jazzes up Mobile's Fat Tuesday event, and we jazz up the image with 18 alterations.

This Carmel restaurant serves food that's every bite as good as its outward appearance, and we serve 15 differences for the solver to find.

In the Frame
... is an art and custom framing store that becomes a puzzle with 16 differences to find.

The Deep Blue Sea
This colorful artwork depicts a fanciful undersea world, which we have salted with 16 changes.

Busy Main Street
Saturday in Ellicott City is a big day for shoppers and tourists, and we've added 16 alterations to the chaos.

Floating Homes in Richardson Bay
These Sausalito homeowners--or boatowners, or both--joyfully decorate their abodes, while we add 16 changes to their artwork to challenge the solver.

Let's Play a Game
Playing games on-line, like this 16-change Spot the Difference, is fun, but nothing beats one of these or other great board games for to challenge your game skills.

Piney Point Lighthouse
Built in 1836, the light guided Potomac River traffic until 1964. It still functions as a museum, albeit here with our 16 alterations.

Big Wheel Keep on Turning
A Williamsburg artisan produces wheels for 18th century conveyances, while we produce a 15-change puzzle of him at work.

Up, Up, and Away
... in a beautiful balloon, while you search for the 16 differences between the images.

The Tall Ships
Baltimore's Inner Harbor draws thousands of visitors to see the Tall Ships, while we draw the Spot the Differences solver with 17 changes to find.

Grimaces et Miseres--les Saltimbanques
The entertainers in Fernand Pelez's wonderful painting may not be having fun, but the solver will looking for the 19 Differences.

The Copyist
While the artist paints a copy of a great museum piece, we paint in 15 changes for the solver to find in the image.

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