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Spot the Differences
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January-March 2008

Netherlandish Proverbs
Pieter Bruegel's wild painting is even more outlandish with our 25 alterations.

The Cavalier
This Baltimore tug and its Fells Point dock locale have undergone 24 renovations.

A Little Cold for This
In six months, we'll be dying for a cool treat; today, we'll settle for finding the 21 changes.

Growing Orchids
... is easier when you have the right environment, and finding the 21 differences is easier when you have eagle eyes.

In Honor of Peanut Butter
... we've made 21 changes to this window celebrating the achievements of George Washington Carver.

Wooden Toys
Colorful wooden toys are fun for kids, and 21 differences to discover are fun for the solver.

Cultural Art
No, not art for cultured people, art that gives us a taste of our American culture--with 23 subtle differences.

Dim Sum
A bite to eat and 21 changes to find.

A Puzzle on Your Plate
We give you license to locate the 25 differences between the two pictures.

Toys for Baby
Great gifts for the little people--and a 21-change puzzle for the big people.

Law of Nature
We've altered this mural 21 times by the Law of Spot the Differences.

McCarthy's Pub
Guest puzzlemaker Ed Zajac made a rainy day stop in McCarthy's Pub and this 24-change Spot the Differences puzzle for you.

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