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Spot the Differences
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March-July 2019

Atlantic City Slushieee
Besides sun and surf, going to the Boardwalk means food topped with 15 alterations.

We've inserted 15 differences into the image of a mural on Sherman Ave. in Washington that celebrates D. C. in summer, fall, winter, and spring

St. Aubin, Jersey
Boats lie at low tide in this busy harbor in the Channel Islands, and we've been busy adding 14 changes to the scene.

Historical Glass
A stained glass window made in Paris in the 13th Century to honor St. Vincent of Saragossa is a backdrop for our 14 21st-Century alterations.

Shopping in the Rain
A little shower won't stop these umbrella-bearing shoppers from spending their money--and won't stop our solvers from finding the 15 changes to the scene.

Occidental Hotel Lobby
Established in 1880 in Buffalo, Wyoming, the Occidental has hosted Butch Cassidy, Calamity Jane, and Buffalo Bill, and today hosts our 15-difference puzzle.

Dining Alfresco
Both "dining" and "alfresco" may be stretches, but you'll still enjoy the street food outdoors in New York--as well as our 14 changes to the image.

Art of Arizona
Downtown Tucson boasts this colorful Native American mural by To-Ree'-Nee' Wolf, to which we have made 15 subtle changes.

Boo, Hiss!
We hope the solver doesn't have the same reaction to our 15 alterations as the audience does to the villain in this melodrama performance.

Paris Corner
Can you find the 15 changes we made to this picture of a highly-decorated building on a corner in the City of Lights?

Boardwalk Fun
Kids love winning prizes playing games on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and solvers love finding the 14 differences between the images.

William Wordsworth Window
There are 15 differences between the images of beautiful stained glass immortalizing the great English poet.

Rocking It, Rocketteless
A street band earns its pay by entertaining tourists near Radio City Music Hall, while we entertain solvers for free (okay, there is an ad) with our 15 alterations.

People Mural
A segment of a building-sized New York artwork hides our 15 changes in a crowd.

Packaged in Baltimore
Old-time grocery shelves hold the canned foods that Baltimoreans bought for years and our 16 alterations to them.

Dazzling Dancers
Wildly-costumed dancers whirl in a gallery window, and our 14 changes don't slow their tempo at all.

Pretty Woman
Saturday night in Times Square illuminates this giant ad, with our 15 edits, for the hit musical.

Celebrating Their Heritage
Korean drummers honor their history in a parade down 6th Avenue, and we honor them with this 16-change Spot the Difference puzzle.

Hudson River First Responders
An FDNY fire boat, loaded with our 15 changes, lies ready to respond to an emergency on the New York waterfront.

... is on the menu at this colorful Caribbean restaurant, along with an appetizer of 16 differences between the images.

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