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Spot the Differences
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February-June 2018

This beautiful Mexican city is the perfect scene for a 15-difference eye challenger.

The Sea by the Road
We've added 15 differences to this marvelous marine mural created by a talented graffiti artist.

He's Sure Sure of Himself
This museum warrior is undaunted by the 16 alterations made to him and his surroundings.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk
Easter brings a horde of funseekers to this California city and its famous oceanside amusements in today's 16-change puzzle.

We've made 15 alterations to this movie poster promoting Roger Corman's take on Poe's The Raven; we've read the poem, and we think the movie version isn't as good.

Playing in the Street
Musicians entertain passersby and earn cash in Barcelona, and we entertain the solver in his or her hometown for free (mostly) with 15 differences to find.

Fishing Port
This old harbor is a beehive of activity, especially when our 15 changes are added to the scene.

Wassily Kandinsky: Yellow-Red-Blue
We pay homage to the Russian abstract painter by touching up his work with 15 strokes of our digital brush.

He Flies through the Air with the Greatest of Ease
... In his gaily-decorated soapbox racer, much to the delight of the spectators--and our solvers as they race to find our 15 alterations.

Pipers on Parade
Bagpipes and drums play as they march down the streets of Dublin, as we add 16 differences to the celebration.

Lights! Action!
A collection of antique matchboxes fires up the solver to find our 16 alterations.

The Birds
Pigeons turn a picturesque square in Kathmandu into a Hitchcockian experience, which we turn into a 15-change challenge.

Working on the Canal
In London, workmen upgrade one of the city's historic canals, while our solvers work on finding the 15 differences between the images.

Ride 'Em, Surrealist!
A larger-than-life Salvador Dali bicycles in the Carnaval de Strasbourg, and we make the scene even more surreal with 15 changes to the original image.

You've Got the Power
... to spot the 15 alterations we made to this view of a power line tower and a wall mural of jigsaw puzzle pieces depicting utilitarian scenes.

A Rope in Time ...
A rodeo contestant lassoes a fleet fleeing calf. Can you lasso the 15 differences between the two versions of the action?

Wimpy's Famous Hamburgers
If this Dallas restaurant's food is as pleasing as its zany exterior, we will gladly pay them Tuesday for a hamburger today--with our 15 changes, of course.

Barber's Ink
If you're ever in Mesquite, Texas, and need a shave and a haircut, here's the place, complete with our 16 "improvements."

Tompkins Cabin
The bedroom in one of the houses at Log Cabin Village, a living history museum in Fort Worth, makes a comfortable setting for a 15-change puzzle.

Gustav Bauernfeind: Street Scene, Damascus
In times past, a European visitor draws a crowd in a Syrian street, while our puzzle draws the serious solver to look for the 16 differences.

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