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Along Royal Row
Eight shops offering an eclectic selection open on Royal Row in this Challenger Logic Puzzle. # Stars 5
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July 9, 2007
Last week, eight new shops, including On the Corner, opened in the newly-built Royal Row in downtown Summerset. Each shop is owned and operated by a different local entrepreneur, one being Gardner. The eight stores are numbered in order 101 through 108 west-to-east along Royal Row. From the information below, can you solve the Logic Puzzle of who owns each store at each address in Royal Row?

  1. Ted owns neither Pimpernel nor Blue on Blue.
  2. Vicki isn't the one who owns the shop at 101 Royal Row.
  3. Farmer's shop is between, and immediately next to, Maggie May and the shop Nick opened, which isn't WillyNilly.
  4. Robert's store is right next to Hoop-De-Doo, which is owned by Ives.
  5. The shop Marie owns is immediately adjacent to the one Appleby operates and Pimpernel.
  6. Farmer isn't the owner of Blue on Blue.
  7. Ted's shop is directly flanked by the one owned by Harter and WillyNilly.
  8. Marie, who isn't Curry, doesn't have Blue on Blue.
  9. Appleby, who isn't Nick, and the owner of Maggie May are both first-time entrepreneurs.
  10. Peter's Royal Row shop is immediately adjacent to Critters.
  11. Robert isn't the entrepreneur who opened Pimpernel.
  12. Appleby, who isn't Ted, owns neither Blue on Blue nor WillyNilly.
  13. Harter, who isn't Sara, doesn't operate Blue on Blue or Pimpernel.
  14. Evans' store and Deco, Inc. are next door to each other.
  15. Curry isn't the one who opened WillyNilly in Royal Row.
  16. Wendy, who isn't Bergen, has the shop immediately adjacent to the one Curry, who isn't Ted, owns and Blue on Blue.

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