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Along Royal Row
Eight shops offering an eclectic selection open on Royal Row in this Challenger Logic Puzzle. # Stars 5
July 9, 2007
By clue 5, Marie has her store between Appleby's and Pimpernel. By clue 1, Ted's doesn't own Pimpernel, nor is he Appleby (12); Ted doesn't own either shop next to Marie's. By clue 7, Ted's shop is between Harter's and WillyNilly. If Ted and Marie had one business between theirs, then either Appleby would own WillyNilly--no (12)--or Harter would operate Pimpernel--no by clue 13. We now test whether Marie and Ted have two other Royal Row stores between theirs. By clue 16, Wendy's shop is between Curry's and Blue on Blue. Since Marie doesn't own Blue on Blue and isn't Curry (8), Wendy doesn't have a shop next to her. Similarly, since Ted doesn't have Blue on Blue (1) and isn't Curry (16), Wendy doesn't have a store next to Ted's. So, Wendy's shop would be to the outside along Royal Row of Marie's or Ted's shop. Since Curry isn't the owner of WillyNilly (15) and Harter isn't the owner of Blue on Blue (13), Wendy's shop would have to be at least two shops away from Ted's--impossible, since that would put Wendy in an outside shop, no (16). So, Wendy's shop would have to be one shop away from Marie's; and since Appleby doesn't own Blue on Blue (12), Curry's shop Pimpernel would have to be between those of Marie and Wendy. Wendy and Ted would operate the shops next to the outside ones. By clue 3, Farmer's store is between Nick's and Maggie May. If Marie were Farmer , Appleby would own Maggie May, no (9). Because Nick isn't Appleby (9), Farmer also couldn't have the shop between Appleby's and Ted's. If Ted were Farmer, by clues 3 and 7, Nick would own WillyNilly--no (3). Therefore, there is no way for the arrangement of Marie and Ted with two shops between theirs to work. Now we try three establishments between those Ted and Marie own. Since Ted isn't the owner of Blue on Blue (1) and isn't Curry (16), Wendy in clue 16 can't own the shop next to Ted's; nor can Wendy own a shop to the outside of Ted's or she would have an end shop and doesn't (16). If Wendy's shop were one apart from both Ted's and Marie's, by clues 7 and 16, Curry would own WillyNilly--no (15)--or Harter would operate Blue on Blue--also no (13). By clues 5 and 16, if Wendy's shop were next to Marie's, Marie would own Blue on Blue, which she doesn't (8), or Marie would be Curry, which she isn't (8). So, Wendy's shop would be two away from Marie's to the outside of Marie's--but this would put her in an outside shop and contradict clue 16. So, the only arrangement that works is that there are four other shops between those Ted and Marie own, putting them in the establishments next to the two outside shops. Again, since neither Ted (1, 16) nor Marie (8) owns Blue on Blue or is Curry, Wendy doesn't own a shop next to either of them (16). If Wendy's shop were separated from Ted's by one other shop, then by clues 7 and 16, Curry would own WillyNilly--no (15)--or Harter would own Blue on Blue--also no (13). So, Wendy's shop is separated from Marie's by one other shop; and since Appleby doesn't own Blue on Blue (12), by clues 5 and 16, Curry's shop Pimpernel is between those of Wendy and Marie. Then Appleby has the outside shop next to Marie's (5), and Blue on Blue is next to Wendy's on the other side of Curry's (16). Since Appleby doesn't own Maggie May (9), Marie isn't Farmer (3), nor is Wendy, since she has Pimpernel and Blue on Blue on either side of her and not Maggie May (3). If Ted were Farmer, Nick would have to own WillyNilly (3, 7), which he doesn't (3). Farmer doesn't own Blue on Blue (6). Farmer has the shop between Blue on Blue and Ted's. Then Ted operates Maggie May and Nick Blue on Blue (3). By clue 7, Farmer owns WillyNilly, and Harter's shop is on the outside of the row next to the Ted's. By clue 4, Ives owns Hoop-De-Doo and is thus Marie or Wendy. Since Robert's shop is next to that of Ives (4) and isn't Pimpernel (11), Ives must be Marie; and Robert is Appleby (11). Since Peter's shop is next to Critters (10), he is Curry; and Wendy has Critters. Evans must own Maggie May, and Harter Deco, Inc. (14). By elimination, Appleby operates On the Corner. Vicki is Harter, and Sara Farmer owns WillyNilly (13). Blue on Blue is owned by Bergen, and Wendy is Gardner (16). Finally, by clue 2, Vicki Harter's shop is at 108, Ted Evans' at 107, etc., through Robert Appleby's at 101 Royal Row. In conclusion, the eight shops in the new Royal Row are as follows:

  • 101 - Robert Appleby, On the Corner
  • 102 - Marie Ives, Hoop-De-Doo
  • 103 - Peter Curry, Pimpernel
  • 104 - Wendy Gardner, Critters
  • 105 - Nick Bergen, Blue on Blue
  • 106 - Sara Farmer, WillyNilly
  • 107 - Ted Evans, Maggie May
  • 108 - Vicki Harter, Deco, Inc.

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