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Starring Tom Hanks
Six friends share DVDs of their favorite Tom Hanks movies.
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April 24, 2006
Six friends--three men and three women--are enjoying various Tom Hanks performances by each lending a DVD of one of his or her favorite movies starring the Academy Award winner to another of the five. From the clues below, you should be able to determine which DVD each of the movie buffs owns and who is borrowing and currently enjoying it.

  1. Alex isn't the friend who is watching Linda's favorite Tom Hanks film, and Linda isn't the one watching Robert's loaned DVD.
  2. Melanie, who isn't the Tom Hanks fan who owns the The Ladykillers DVD, isn't the one borrowing Sleepless in Seattle.
  3. The person who is enjoying another's copy of Road to Perdition doesn't own The Green Mile.
  4. Two of the men are borrowing movies owned by two of the women; the man who is watching another man's DVD has his copy of Cast Away.
  5. Scott is borrowing neither Sleepless in Seattle nor Cast Away.
  6. Erica is borrowing neither The Green Mile nor Road to Perdition.
  7. The six movie swappers are Alex, Melanie, the woman who owns the Sleepless in Seattle DVD, the man who is borrowing The Ladykillers, the movie lover who owns the Road to Perdition DVD, and the person who is currently watching another's copy of The Terminal.

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