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Starring Tom Hanks
Six friends share DVDs of their favorite Tom Hanks movies.
April 24, 2006
The six Tom Hanks movie buffs are listed in clue 7 as follows: Alex, Melanie, the woman who owns the Sleepless in Seattle DVD, the man who is borrowing The Ladykillers, the one who owns the Road to Perdition DVD, and the person who is borrowing The Terminal. So, two of the men are Alex and the one borrowing The Ladykillers; and two of the women are Melanie and the one who owns Sleepless in Seattle. If the fan in clue 7 who is borrowing The Terminal were the third man and the one who owns Road to Perdition then the third woman, by clue 4, Alex would be borrowing Cast Away. Also by clue 4, since only Alex would be borrowing a DVD from a another man, the man who is watching The Terminal would have gotten it from Melanie. However, The Ladykillers DVD that one man is borrowing then would have to belong to another of the men, a conflict with clue 4. Therefore, in clue 7, the one who owns the Road to Perdition DVD is the third man; and the Tom Hanks fan who is borrowing The Terminal is the third woman. Since only the Cast Away DVD is both owned by and being borrowed by a man (clue 4), The Ladykillers must belong to a woman--by clue 2, the woman who is borrowing The Terminal. Since Melanie isn't borrowing Sleepless in Seattle (2), one of the men is, with another man borrowing the Cast Away DVD (4). So, Melanie and the woman who owns Sleepless in Seattle are borrowing The Green Mile and Road to Perdition DVDs in some order. The latter woman then cannot be Erica (6) and must be Linda, who owns Sleepless in Seattle. Erica owns The Ladykillers. Since Scott isn't borrowing Sleepless in Seattle or Cast Away (5), he must be the man borrowing The Ladykillers. Robert owns Road to Perdition. Then Linda isn't borrowing Road to Perdition (1) and must be watching The Green Mile; Melanie is borrowing Road to Perdition. Melanie then must own The Terminal (3). Alex isn't watching Linda's Sleepless in Seattle DVD (1), so he is enjoying Cast Away, which belongs to Scott. Robert is watching Sleepless in Seattle, and Alex owns The Green Mile DVD. In conclusion, the DVD each Tom Hanks fan owns and the one he or she is borrowing are as follows:

  • Alex, The Green Mile, Cast Away
  • Robert, Road to Perdition, Sleepless in Seattle
  • Scott, Cast Away, The Ladykillers
  • Erica, The Ladykillers, The Terminal
  • Linda, Sleepless in Seattle, The Green Mile
  • Melanie, The Terminal, Road to Perdition

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