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Novel Gifts
Bestselling novels make great Christmas gifts.
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December 23, 2002
Last Friday, the five staff members of Summerset Free Library--three women (Heather, Linda, Maria) and two men (John, Kevin)--exchanged novel Christmas gifts: each gave one of the others a work by a bestselling author, with one person bringing a Patricia Cornwell mystery. Given the information below, can you determine the full names of the library staff (one surname is Schmidt) and who gave which author to whom?

  1. Linda didn't draw Kevin's name when the exchange was organized and who would give a gift to whom was decided.
  2. The five staff members are Maria, Ms. Queen, Mr. Turner, the person who gave another a Dean Koontz bestseller, and the one who received a Michael Crichton novel as a gift.
  3. John wrapped his gift to Ruiz in bright red paper.
  4. Linda and Ms. Presley work the information desk at the library.
  5. Kevin, who didn't get the Michael Crichton work, gave the person whose name he drew a Nora Roberts Chesapeake saga book.
  6. The staffer who brought a James Patterson thriller to the exchange isn't the one to whom Maria gave a gift.
  7. Neither Heather nor Linda brought the Michael Crichton book.
  8. Ruiz isn't the secret Santa who gave a Dean Koontz novel to a fellow staff member.
  9. No two people drew each other's names so there was no simple exchange of novels between two staffers.

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