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Novel Gifts
Bestselling novels make great Christmas gifts.
December 23, 2002
From the introduction, three women (Heather, Linda, Maria) and two men (John, Kevin) participated in the novel gift exchange. By clue 2, the five are Maria, Ms. Queen, Mr. Turner, the one who gave a Dean Koontz novel, and the person who got a Michael Crichton book. By clue 5, Kevin gave a Nora Roberts novel; in clue 2, he must be Mr. Turner or the one who received a Michael Crichton work--which he isn't (5). So, Kevin Turner gave someone a Nora Roberts novel. In clue 2, then, since the one who got the Michael Crichton novel couldn't have given it, either Maria or Ms. Queen gave it in the exchange. Since Ms. Queen is Heather or Linda and neither gave the Michael Crichton novel (7), Maria must have. By clue 6, the person who gave the James Patterson book isn't the one who got the Michael Crichton from Maria and is therefore Ms. Queen. By elimination, the one who got the Michael Crichton work must have bought the Patricia Cornwell bestseller as a gift. John's gift, either the Patricia Cornwell or the Dean Koontz novel, went to Ruiz (clue 3). If John gave the Patricia Cornwell novel to Ruiz, Ruiz couldn't be Maria, since then John and Maria would have simply traded gifts, contradicting clue 9. Ruiz would be the one who gave the Dean Koontz novel--no (8). So, John gave the Dean Koontz novel in the exchange. Ruiz can't be the person in clue 2 who received the Michael Crichton bestseller and is thus Maria. By clue 4, Ms. Presley is Heather, while Linda is Ms. Queen. Heather Presley gave the Patricia Cornwell opus and got the Michael Crichton. John is Schmidt. By clue 1, Linda's James Patterson went to John Schmidt. Then Kevin Turner got the Patricia Cornwell from Heather, and Linda received the Nora Roberts. In sum, the five exchanged novel gifts as follows:

  • Heather Presley gave a Patricia Cornwell novel to Kevin Turner
  • John Schmodt gave a Dean Koontz novel to Maria Ruiz
  • Kevin Turner gave a Nora Roberts novel to Linda Queen
  • Linda Queen gave a James Patterson novel to John Schmidt
  • Maria Ruiz gave a Michael Crichton novel to Heather Presley

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