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The Weekly Book Club
The club hosts discussions of new novels as the book-giving holidays approach.
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October 24, 2008
Over the next five weeks, the Weekly Book Club is hosting discussions of five bestselling authors' new novels, including Nth Degree, to help members decide whether to buy the books as holiday gifts. Each club meeting will be at a different member's house, with one at Ms. Arnold's residence; and each will feature a different one of the five books. Given the clues that follow, can you determine the Weekly Book Club's pre-holiday schedule: at whose home each meeting 1st-5th will be held and the novel and its author who will be discussed at each meeting?

  1. The Weekly Book Club's meeting at Jane's house is one week before the meeting at Mrs. Dennis's residence, which is one week before the meeting where author Stephen Meyer's new novel will be discussed.
  2. Pizza in Paradise will be discussed by the club one week before the new novel by author Natalie Sparks.
  3. One week after Ms. Edgar has the book club at her house, the members will discuss the new novel by Paula Roth.
  4. The discussion of Michael Albom's latest book isn't the one at Jane's house.
  5. In three consecutive club meetings first-to-last, Ms. Bradley will be hostess, the group will discuss Mindfield, and Kate will welcome the members into her home.
  6. One week after the book lovers discuss The Night Runner, Laurie be hostess to the club meeting.
  7. Discussion of Jack Grissom's new novel isn't scheduled for Ms. Charles's residence.
  8. The club's discussion of Rough and Tumble 21 isn't the one at Monica's house.
  9. Nicole is hosting the club one week before the group talks about Michael Albom's novel.
  10. Kate, who isn't Ms. Dennis, isn't hostess for the discussion of Stephen Meyer's book.
  11. Natalie Sparks's new novel, which isn't Mindfield, isn't the book scheduled for discussion at the club meeting at Ms. Bradley's residence.

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