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Trivia Champions
Top trivia teams try to take the title.
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August 22, 2008
Last Saturday, the Pub Trivia League concluded its summer session with a pub champions playoff; the top teams from each of the 12 pubs who sponsor weekly events competed for the overall title. Given the clues below, can you determine the 1st-5th place teams, the pub at which each plays, and the team's score in the finals?

  1. The Dirty Dozen scored 6 more points than the team entered by the Plough and 9 more points than the Barflyers.
  2. The Maid Marian Pub team that placed in the event isn't the 3 Stooges Plus 1.
  3. The 1st-place team scored 75 and the 5th-place team 60 points.
  4. The Friends' margin over the team from the Old Philsopher Pub was twice that of the Clown Posse's edge over the King's Arms entry.
  5. The team from the Queen Victoria Pub tallied 3 more points than 3 Stooges Plus 1.

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