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Peter Post Delivers the Mail
Puzzle editors get their morning mail and the solver gets a tough Logic Puzzle.
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October 15, 2007
Peter Post works as a mailroom clerk for Bell Puzzles, delivering mail from the 1st-floor mailroom to editorial offices on floors 2-9 of the company building. Last Friday morning, Peter left the mailroom, delivered mail to five Bell editors, including Spencer, and returned to his desk in time for his mid-morning break. Each of the editors who received mail is responsible for a different type of puzzle, with one editing word searches for Bell magazines. Given the clues below, are you up to the challenge of finding Peter Post's itinerary delivering Friday morning's mail: the order first-fifth in which he which he gave the editors their mail, the full name of each, his or her puzzle specialty, and the floor on which he or she has an office?

  1. Lois received her mail in her 3rd-floor office.
  2. Immediately after delivering mail to Jack, Peter went down 3 floors to deliver mail to the sudoku editor.
  3. Immediately after delivering mail to Rivers, Peter went up 6 floors to give Helen her mail.
  4. Ian and the crosswords editor found a number of puzzle submissions in their morning mail.
  5. Immediately after delivering the logic puzzles editor's mail, Peter went down 4 floors to deliver Thurman's mail.
  6. The 5th floor mail delivery was to the cryptograms editor.
  7. Immediately after giving Kathy her mail, Peter went down 1 floor to deliver Price's mail.
  8. Included in Peter's delivery rounds after he left the mailroom was a 5-floor climb to get to one editor's office.
  9. Jack and fellow editor Quincy have been with Bell Puzzles for over 20 years.

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