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Amateur Magicians
Amateur magicians wow audiences with their bags of tricks.
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May 9, 2005
Last week at Summerset's Rabbit in the Hat Club, Ben and four other amateur magicians practiced their acts before live audiences, each appearing one night on the club stage to present his magic specialty to a live audience. Each amateur magician has a different day job and each goes by a different stage name, one billing himself Pedro Presto. Given the clues below, can you pull a solution out of the hat by finding each magician's full name, day job, stage name, and magic specialty?

  1. John, Mr. Wilson, and the engineer were at the Rabbit in the Hat Club on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, respectively.
  2. The amateur magician who is a commercial pilot goes by the name Zigmond on stage; he isn't Mr. Lawson, nor is he the sleight-of-hand artist.
  3. Neither the man who calls himself the Great Alexander nor the one whose stage name is Oliver Twist is the mortician by day.
  4. Tom Hanson, who isn't the city fireman, doesn't bill himself as Manfredo the Magnificent.
  5. The dentist loves working as an illusionist on stage.
  6. The levitation artist isn't the magician who calls himself the Great Alexander.
  7. Thursday night's amateur magician was Manfredo the Magnificent, while Friday's act featured sleight-of-hand work.
  8. Lawson isn't the city fireman in his regular occupation.
  9. Mr. Thompson, who isn't John, is garnering a following with his feats as an escape artist.
  10. Rick isn't the one who entertains audiences with card tricks.
  11. The levitation specialist isn't Wilson.
  12. Mike Nelson isn't an engineer or fireman in real life.

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