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Amateur Magicians
Amateur magicians wow audiences with their bags of tricks.
May 9, 2005
Between clues 1 and 7, all five amateur magicians are named: John, Mr. Wilson, the engineer, Manfredo the Magnificent, and the sleight-of-hand magician. By clue 4, Tom Hanson is either the engineer or the sleight-of-hand artist. If Tom Hanson were the sleight-of-hand artist, Mike Nelson would be Manfredo the Magnificent (clue 12). Thompson, who is the escape artist, would be the engineer (9). By elimination, John would be Lawson. Tom Hanson isn't the fireman (4) and wouldn't be the pilot (2) or dentist (5); Tom would be the mortician. Mike Nelson isn't the fireman (12) and wouldn't be the pilot (2); he would be the dentist. By clue 8, John Lawson would be the pilot--no (2). Therefore, by clue 4, Tom Hanson is the engineer. Escape artist Thompson has the stage name Manfredo the Magnificent (9). Mike Nelson (12) is the sleight-of-hand artist; and John is Lawson. By clue 2, Wilson is a pilot by day and Zigmond by night. Neither Lawson (8) nor Nelson (12) is a fireman, so Thompson is. By clue 5, the dentist/illusionist is John Lawson. By elimination, Mike is a mortician. His stage name is Pedro Presto (3). Wilson's magic specialty is card tricks and Hanson's is levitation (11). Wilson is Ben and Thompson Rick (10). Finally, by clue 6, John is the Great Alexander on stage; and Tom is Oliver Twist. In sum, the amateur magicians are

  • Ben Wilson, pilot, Zigmond, card tricks
  • John Lawson, dentist, the Great Alexander, illusion
  • Mike Nelson, mortician, Pedro Presto, sleight-of-hand
  • Rick Thompson, fireman, Manfredo the Magnificent, escape artist
  • Tom Hanson, engineer, Oliver Twist, levitation

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