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Starfleet Launches
Five new starships join the Republic's far-flying fleet.
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April 4, 2005
Last parsecweek, the Intergalactic Republic's dockyards on Spacestation 134 launched five new starships, including a rescue transport. Each of the five new starships is on its maiden voyage commanded by a newly-promoted Starfleet admiral. Given the data below, can you determine the type of vessel each starship is and the officer who is commanding it?

  1. The IRSS Romulus, the ship commanded by Admiral Pickhard, and the extragalactic explorer all three have hulls made of the newly discovered element Hardsoftium.
  2. The IRSS Cerberus isn't Admiral Kork's or Admiral Atreyades command.
  3. The IRSS Jorge Lukas isn't a nucleowaste hauler.
  4. Admiral Pickhard, who isn't commanding the IRSS Armstrong, and the commander of the nucleowaste hauler have both served under the legendary Marshal-Admiral Spock on previous missions.
  5. The newly-launched spice trader isn't the IRSS Jorge Lukas.
  6. Admiral Hut-jaba, the commander of the IRSS Armstrong, and the commander of the nucleowaste hauler all three graduated from the Starfleet Academy in the same class.
  7. Admiral Kork, who isn't commanding the spce trader, and the commander of the IRSS New Philadelphia are decorated heroes of the Volcan War.
  8. The extragalactic explorer isn't commanded by Admiral Hut-jaba.
  9. The IRSS Romulus, the starship commanded by Admiral Skytrotter, and the nucleowaste hauler all took three parsecyears to build.
  10. The newly-commissioned light destroyer isn't the IRSS Jorge Lukas.
  11. Admiral Hut-jaba, who doesn't command the spice trader, and the commander of the IRSS Romulus are certified deep-space navigators.

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