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Spot the Differences
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January-May 2015

DC Eats
Tasty food of all kinds can be had from numerous Washington food trucks, and 17 differences can be had by comparing the two images.

One Man's Junk ...
... is another man's scrap metal, and one man's image is another man's 15-change Spot the Differences.

Cartoon Texas
A funky mural with Hank Hill and friends makes passersby grin, and our 15 alterations make solvers frown in concentration.

Shopping for Tchotchkes
These two stores are great places to find sundry knickknacks--and 16 puzzle changes.

The Hungarian Window
Can you spot the 18 differences between the images of a university classroom window celebrating the heroes and history of Hungary?

The Art of the Traffic Signal Box
Artists in Brisbane, Australia, add color to the city by decorating traffic signal boxes, and we add 17 alterations to the art of this one.

Ride 'Em, Cowboy!
A bronc bucking out of the gate causes chaos in the rodeo ring, and we cause image chaos with our 16 changes.

Creature from the Black Lagoon
A movie poster for the horror classic makes a great subject for a 16-change Spot the Differences puzzle.

Mission District Scene
Even on a cold day by the bay, this San Francisco corner is busy--as the solver will be looking for the 17 differences between pictures.

Be a "Pepper"
It's easy when you're surrounded by this array of Dr. Pepper memorabilia--and our 17 alterations to the collection.

Route 66 Cafe
A reminder of the U. S.'s great cross-country highway is a great subject for a 17-change Spot the Differences puzzle.

E. Franck & Co.
Can you find the 17 differences between the two images of this old-time general store in French Gulch, CA, which operates today as a tavern.

The Art of the Carousel
Scenes of the city like this one of Chinatown decorate a San Francisco carousel, and 16 differences to spot decorate this puzzle.

High Noon in D. C.
Washington is always alive at lunchtime, and we've added 16 alterations to the action.

Bay Adventure
Capt. Jack Russell offers skipjack tours of the Chesapeake Bay on the Dee of St. Mary's, and we offer a 16-change puzzle of his Piney Point base to our solvers.

Utagawa Kunisada Woodblock Print
This action-filled triptych by the Japanese artist depicts a scene in an 1847 drama--to which we've made 16 "edits."

A Taste of Peru
Sample the ceviche and other foods of the Andes at this San Mateo restaurant, then sample our 16 changes.

Still Looking Good
These antiques, and the beauty in the painting, have all aged very well--even with our 15 alterations.

Philly Market
This store/eatery sells a little bit of everything to neighbors and visitors. Can we interest you in an 18-change Spot the Differences?

It's Calorie-Free!
This play food for children has no calories, but it does have 17 differences for the solver to find.

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