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Spot the Differences
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July-December 2016

Navy Goes to the Races
Our 17 changes haven't slowed the United States Navy's NASCAR entry even one mph.

"The Birds and the Beasts Were There"
... And kids of all ages got to ride them on this carousel of animals--and of 16 changes.

Bon Voyage
Good luck sailing far on this handmade boat in a restaurant window; you'll have better luck finding the 15 differences.

Cheyenne Loves a Parade
Our 16 alterations don't dim the pleasure of parade watchers at the Frontier Days western celebration and rodeos, held annually in the Wyoming capital since 1897.

John C. Dollman: The Immigrants' Ship
This 1884 oil on canvas painting celebrates newcomers to Australia, bringing with them hopes and dreams--and a puzzle of 15 changes.

Lustre Craft
An enthusiastic chef demonstrates top cookware at the Wyoming State Fair, while we demonstrate our ability to make a Spot the Differences puzzle with our 17 changes.

Art at the Rock
Our 15 added differences cannot detract from the fine art above the entrance to a Rockefeller Center building.

Even coulrophobes would find Lanky the Clown a joy to be around, and solvers will find joy when they find our 15 alterations to Lanky and his surroundings.

The USS Torsk
Visitors to Baltimore's Inner Harbor can tour this WWII submarine, while solvers can find our 17 changes.

The Way We Shopped -- in Baltimore
This display of the goods offered in an old-time neighborhood grocery offered us a chance to add 15 differences to the scene.

The Strip
A mural celebrating Pittsburgh's famous restaurant and market district makes a great picture for an 18-change Spot the Differences.

Spanish Cavalry
Regally-attired reenactors make a splendid show for parade spectators, while we make a splendid 16-difference puzzle from the image.

Seal of Non-Approval
To emphasize environmental concerns about the world's waters, we've added 16 pieces of jetsam to a National Zoo seal made from flotsam found in our oceans.

Road Work
The brick streets of Baltimore undergo summer repairs, including the 17 changes we made to the construction site.

Tiny Town
We've added 16 alterations to this image of a Lionel train layout celebrating a typical U. S. city of days gone by.

Space Walker
An aspiring astronaut takes a simulated walk in space at Pittsburgh's Science Center, overcoming the obstacles of the 15 differences we put in the way.

Leif Ericsson
The great Norse explorer is commemorated in splendid stained glass, braving our 16 changes.

Fell's Point Facades
The 17 alterations we made to this Baltimore scene make a tough Spot the Difference puzzle.

The Battle of Tewkesbury
Iron-clad infantry gathers around heraldic standards to fight a reenactment of the historic English engagement, while solvers gather to conquer a 15-change Spot the Differences.

This colorfully-detailed piece, even with our 16 alterations, lends a touch of the Far East to the reception room.

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