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Spot the Differences
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June-October 2014

The Crab Shack (16)
... serves "Shacktacular Seafood," and we serve 16 changes to the Folly Beach eatery for the solver to find.

Join the Navy and See the World
This 1919 recruiting poster promises an elephant ride if you sign up; we promise fun in your own home when you look for the 18 differences.

The Line for Lunch
... at Poogan's Porch in Charleston is a testament to how good the food is, even with our 16 changes to the scene.

The Old and the New
We bring 16 alterations to this image of a motorized raft tied up to a replica of the Kalmar Nyckel, which brought Swedish settlers to America in 1638.

On Market Street
After a carriage ride through old Charleston, a stop at the arts and crafts-filled market is a must--as is finding the 15 differences.

The Officer's Desk
An officer's desk at Fort Moultrie reminds us of those who defended our coasts in World War II, albeit without our 16 modifications.

Zoo Art
You can see a number of the animals in this mural live at the zoo, but you can only see our 17 changes here.

The Golden Plate
Today sees the last day of a busy summer season for this Ocean City Boardwalk eatery--and a 16-difference Labor Day puzzle for our solvers.

A Gray Day in Asbury Park
... doesn't deter these New Jersey beachgoers and fishermen from enjoying the ocean, nor does it stop us from making a 16-change puzzle challenge.

Old Workshop
We used our computer tools to make 15 changes to this picture of a workshop filled with tools of a bygone time.

Farming in Kansas
This mural, in the U. S. Courthouse in Wichita, celebrates the rich farming heritage of the state. Can you harvest our 16 alterations?

Let's Put on a Show
Fruits and veggies at Gilroy Gardens entertain kids and adults alike, while we entertain solvers with 15 differences between the images.

Point Pinos Lighthouse
The oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the West Coast, this Pacific Grove landmark still helps sailors avoid the rocky shore--even with our 15 changes.

The Rusty Bolt
This old Route 66 establishment looks like a kitschy kool place to explore--with or without our 17 "improvements."

Though slightly the worse for wear, a Baltimore painting celebrates Hispanic Heritage, and we add 17 alterations to the fun fest.

Bourbon Street Band
New Orleans street artists entertain Big Easy tourists, and our 15 changes entertain Spot the Differences solvers.

A purple store with a catchy name draws customers, and a 17-alteration puzzle draws Spot the Difference solvers.

Fun Time
The characters in this wild mural are all having fun; and you can have fun, too, solving for the 17 differences.

Dining Al Fresco
Outdoor dining in warmer weather is very popular, as evidenced by this sidewalk cafe crowded with patrons--and 17 changes.

Going, Going, Gone!
Actually, we don't know whether the batter hit a home run or popped up, but you'll hit a home run if you find the 17 differences.

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