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Spot the Differences
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January-April 2017

"Bam, Bam, Shoot 'em Up, Pow"
The line from the Olympics hit song "Western Movies" perfectly describes why we loved them and why we constructed this 17-change puzzle to celebrate them.

Manhattan Yards
Acres of passenger cars and construction equipment--and 15 differences--border the Hudson River in New York City.

Beastman at Work
The Sydney-based artist's work can be found from Australia to Berlin to Tel Aviv to New York, and 16 differences can be found in this marvelous example of his public art.

New Wheels, Old Wheels
You can get there in Melbourne using radically different modes of transport -- or you could stay home and find the 16 changes we've made to the second image.

Melrose Bus Stop
An artists's satirical version of residents of the L. A. area waiting for a bus becomes a 16-difference puzzle after our brushstrokes.

Here Come the Marathoners
A motor escort leads runners through the crowded streets of Stockholm--and through our 15 alterations to the scene.

A Wild and Crazy Car
The Festrunk Brothers would love driving this souped-up vehicle, and the solver will love our 16 changes.

Welcome to the Jungle
A parking garage alongside Amtrak's rails is decorated with flora and fauna foreign to the area--and with our 16 alterations

"They Say the Neon Lights Are Bright on Broadway"
The Drifters sang it best, and we make it a puzzle best with 15 differences between the images of a dazzling section of the famous thoroughfare.

Amadeo de Souza Cardoso: Maquina de Escrever
The noted Portuguese painter's depiction of a cash register is perfect for making change--and we've made 17 of them.

Say Your Prayers
... before this 1950s movie monster preys on you. They might also help you find the 16 differences.

Play and Learn
Toys and games sold in a museum gift shop often teach skills through play, as can a 17-change Spot the Differences puzzle. .

City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks
An avenue in Midtown New York offers a wide variety of services in a single half block, and we offer a variety of changes, 17 in all, for solvers to find.

Lewis and Clark
Their great 1804-06 expedition to chart the vast American West is memorialized in beautiful stained glass--to which we added 16 differences.

Old Fire Truck
This wonderfully-preserved engine served Twinsburg for years, and now it serves as the main feature of our 16-change puzzle.

Great Landmarks of the World
A float in the Tournament of the Roses parade takes watchers on a round-the-world sightseeing tour, while we take the solver on a 17-difference puzzle ride.

Produce on the Street
Even our 16 changes can't spoil the luscious Asian fruit favorites these NYC vendors sell to Chinatown customers..

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