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Spot the Differences
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July-December 2019

The Santa Barbara Harbor
This beautiful city on the Pacific attracts many tourists, while our 14-change puzzle attracts Spot the Differences solvers.

A Multitude of Marionettes
... leaves our solvers hanging by a thread to find the 14 differences in this puzzle.

Fishing Fleet
To solve today's puzzle, you need to net the 14 changes we made to this fleet of fishing boats lying in harbor.

Town Hall in Michelstadt
The stunning architecture of this rathaus isn't altered by the 16 differences we introduced to the image.

Selling on the River
She's not exactly rolling, but this entrepreneur delivers an assortment of goods to her customers via the river, and we deliver a 14-difference puzzle to ours via the internet.

Open Walls D. C.
Another mural decorating a Washington wall makes a fun 14-change challenge for solvers.

Fish Shop
Can you net the 14 differences between the images of an English fish market?

Only on Route 66
... would you find such a kitschy restroom, and only on our site would you find a puzzle of 14 alterations to it.

Treasure Trove
This English shop has something for everyone, including 14 changes for our solvers to find.

Bustling Bangkok
Thailand's chaotic capital is a perfect subject for a 14-difference puzzle.

Wyoming Antiques
A Cheyenne antique shop holds a variety of old goods and gear for visitors to buy, while we give you 14 changes between the images for free.

Kano Hideyori: Maple Viewers
The noted Japanese artist gives us autumn in Japan, and we give solvers 14 differences to find.

Colorful Harbor
A beautiful harbor on the Devon coast makes an idyllic scene for this 15-alteration puzzle.

Artist at Work
We catch an artist painting a mural on the side of a warehouse; can you catch the 14 changes we made?

That Is Cricket
Hopefully you won't find this puzzle a sticky wicket as you look for the 14 differences between the images of an English cricket match

Jacob van Hulsdonck: A Still Life with Artichokes, Radishes, Asparagus, Plums, Cherries and Peaches
A half-eaten feast inspires the Flemish painter to recreate his table, to which we have added 14 decorative brushstrokes. C:\AllStarPuzzles\SpotTheDifference\ReadyForPublishing>java -cp C:\AllStarPuzzles\SpotTheDifference\ReadyForPublishing\classes SpotDiffFinder 00844_a.jpg

The Lief
The tugboat Lief sits serenely in Stockholm harbor, while we feverishly paint 14 differences into the image.

Snowflakes in Summer
... are made colorfully possible by an artist, and our 14 changes won't make them melt.

Norwich Market
Shoppers crowd this outdoor English street mall, and we crowd 14 alterations into the scene.

"Cubist Cub"
A bear in the style of the early-20th-century avant-garde art movement gets our 15 finishing touches.

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