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Spot the Differences
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June-October 2017

Send in the Clowns
A colorful display inside the International Clown Hall of Fame in Baraboo, Wisconsin, recalls some of the favorite clowns ever, even with our 16 subtle touches.

Mulberry Street
There are many restaurants along the main street of New York City's Chinatown, including these to which we have made 16 alterations.

For All Your Firefighting Needs
... in the 1890s, Fire Extinguisher Mfg. Co. was your one-stop shop, while in the 2010s All-Star Puzzles is your one-stop shop for Spot the Difference puzzles like this 15-change one.

Wild Ride
A madly bucking bronc leaps high trying to toss his rodeo rider, as we add 15 subtle alterations to throw our solvers for a loop.

H. Grafman Groceries
We've added a full sack of 15 changes to this nostalgic display of an oldtime grocery at the marvelous Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear in Milwaukee.

Welcome to Pajara
A sign depicting local life welcomes visitors to the Canary Islands village, and we welcome solvers to a 15-difference puzzle.

Norwegians in America
People in traditional Norwegian clothing gather at Vesterheim, the Norwegian-American museum and heritage center in Decorah, Iowa--while the solver can gather 17 changes to the image.

Mississippi River Life Savers
We salute this U. S. Coast Guard vessel docked in Dubuque with a 15-difference picture puzzle.

Prairie "I House" Kitchen
Part of the Ackley Heritage Center, this room preserves Iowa's past for future generations--without today's 17 visual changes, of course.

Laramie County Art
A remote and imaginative art installation, to which we've made 16 modifications, welcomes visitors to Wyoming.

Remembering Great Kenner Products (16)
A Cincinnati mural depicts highly recognizable Kenner toys from before its 2000 merger with Hasbro. May the Force be with you in finding our 16 alterations.

Coney Island's famous deli has been serving happy diners for over 100 years, and we're serving 17 changes to Nathan's today.

The Visual Arts in Visual Art
A glass mural in the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library depicts different kinds of artwork being produced, to which we have added 16 different changes.

Men at Work
Superb stained glass depicts a city hard at work and provides the solver with the job of finding 16 differences between the images.

The Way We Were--Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits!
We've trimmed this display of barber shop memorabilia with 16 alterations.

Escaping the Rock
Not really, just a tour boat passing Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay. Nobody escapes from the Rock, even abetted by our 15 alterations to the scene.

Are You Ready for Some Baseball?
Not quite, as the Atlanta Braves ground crew--not helped by our 16 changes--preps the diamond for a game.

The Modern Dining Room
In 1957, this dining room decor was the epitome of the modern style--which we have updated with 16 changes.

Blue Heron Gallery
This Wyoming establishment has lots of interesting art and antiques on the inside--and 16 alterations on the outside.

Local artist Daniel Carter decorated this traffic signal box for Brisbane's 2016 Artforce event, and we added 16 differences to make the work entertaining for solvers.

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