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Spot the Differences
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January-March 2004

Prize-Winning Clothes
Women's apparel designed and made by amateur entrants is awarded blue, red, and yellow ribbons by fair judges--and 21 differences by All-Star Puzzles.

The Galway Bay
... is a perfect place to spend St. Patrick's Day.

World View
The Amazonia Exhibit at the National Zoo offers young visitors the opportunity to explore the world of the rain forest electronically.

Mevagissey, Cornwall
The picturesque harbor of this small English port is a haven for 18 Differences between pictures.

Antiques For Sale
We hope we haven't decreased the value of these porcelain and glass antiques by making 23 changes to them and their setting.

D. C. Vendors
Food and souvenir vendors like these near the White House are a common sight in tourist Washington.

Learning to Play
... music is made easier when you choose the right instruction book from the shelf in today's Spot-the-Difference Puzzle.

A cable car climbing a steep street and rocky Alcatraz in the bay background paint one of San Francisco's many breathtaking panoramas.

For the Kitchen
Colorful plates, cups, bowls, pitchers, glasses, etc., build a bright Spot the Differences picture puzzle.

Casa Del Prado Theatre
The grandly ornate facade over the entrance to this landmark in San Diego's Balboa Park becomes a dramatic hiding place for the 20 changes we've made to the stonecutters' artwork.

Stamps for Baby
Wooden shapes decorate cards, scrapbooks, notes, etc. in celebration of the little member of the family.

The Old Flour Mill
An old flour mill in Greensboro, North Carolina, let's us bake an 18-change loaf of Spot the Differences bread.

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