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Wrestling Championships
Who is this season's county heavyweight wrestling champion?
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February 4, 2008
In this year's Sundown County wrestling tournament, wrestlers from each of the eight county high schools, including one from East York High, competed for the championship in the heavyweight division. In the tournament, the eight wrestlers, one of whom is the Orton boy, paired off against each other in first round matches. The four winners of those matches advanced to the championship bracket in the second or semifinal round, with the four losing wrestlers going into the consolation bracket in the second round. The winners of the championship bracket second round matches met for the heavyweight championship, the losers of the championship bracket second round matches wrestled each other for 3rd place, the winners of the consolation bracket second round matches grappled for 5th place, and the losers of the consolation bracket second round matches met for 7th place. From the clues below, can you determine the full results of the county heavyweight wrestling tournament: the full names (one first name is Greg) of the wrestlers who won and lost in every match of the three rounds and the high school for which each competes?

  1. Danny edged the Mountaintop High heavyweight when they met during the regular season.
  2. Frankie, who isn't the Rock boy, didn't score a pin in any of the three matches he wrestled.
  3. Chad and the Summerset High wrestler both attended the Sammartino Wrestling Camp last summer.
  4. These three wrestlers finished the county tournament with 2-1 records: Frankie, Hart, and the Mountaintop High heavyweight.
  5. The Central City High grappler, who isn't Eric, did not make it to county championship match.
  6. Adam Kane is the only sophomore among the eight competitors.
  7. In the four second round matches, the Summerset wrestler pinned Vandam in the 2nd period, the Central City entrant won by decision over Brad, Danny pinned the Jericho boy in the 3rd period, and the Rock boy pinned Ian in the 1st period.
  8. McMahon won his first round match.
  9. The wrestlers from Summerset and Central City did not wrestle each other in the tournament.
  10. These three wrestlers finished the county tournament with 1-2 records: Brad, Savage, and the Wildlake High heavyweight.
  11. Jericho, who isn't the New Caledonia High heavyweight, and the Fork Union High wrestler, who isn't Danny, are the smallest of the entrants at 225 lbs. each.
  12. In first round matches, Chad upset the Fork Union entrant, and Eric lost to the Angel Island High heavyweight.
  13. All of Hart's matches in the tournament ended in decisions.

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