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Wild Cards
Poker-playing pals start off their monthly game with wild card options.
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September 24, 2007
Last Wednesday during their monthly poker game, five card-playing pals started the evening with five hands of Seven-Card Stud, each player dealing a hand in turn 1st-5th and picking a different wild-card variant for that hand. As it turned out, each of the five won one of the hands, but no player won the hand he dealt. From the info below, can you find which pal dealt each hand 1st-5th, the wild card option he dealt, and the player who won the hand?

  1. In three consecutive hands, first-to-last, Wayne won the pot, Eddie dealt the cards, and the five played Heinz, in which 5's and 7's are wild.
  2. Marty didn't win at Low in the Hole, where each player's low hole card and its matches are wild.
  3. Derrick's wild card choice wasn't Baseball and its wild 3's and 9's.
  4. Eddie's win didn't come playing Heinz.
  5. Wayne didn't win the hand Marty dealt.
  6. Marty dealt the hand immediately before the one Derrick won.
  7. Neither Baseball nor Woolworth's, in which 5's and 10's are wild, was the hand Eddie dealt.
  8. Derrick's win didn't come when Wayne dealt the cards.
  9. The five hands played were the 2nd hand of the evening, the hand Wayne dealt, the hand Floyd won, Low in the Hole, and Follow the Queen--in which queens and the card following a turned-up queen becomes wild.

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