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Wild Cards
Poker-playing pals start off their monthly game with wild card options.
September 24, 2007
From the introduction, a different player dealt each hand 1st-5th and chose a different wild card variant for the hand; no player won the hand he dealt. By clue 1, in three consecutive hands, Wayne won, Eddie dealt, and the dealer chose Heinz as the wild card option. Eddie thus didn't pick Heinz to play; nor did he pick Baseball or Woolworth's (clue 7). Since Eddie dealt Follow the Queen or Low in the Hole, he didn't deal the 2nd hand (9). Eddie dealt the 3rd or 4th hand. If Eddie had dealt the 4th hand, Wayne would have won the 3rd hand, and the 5th hand would have been Heinz with 5's and 7's wild (1). Wayne's win wasn't the hand Marty dealt (5); by clue 6, then, Marty would have dealt the 1st hand, and Derrick would have won the 2nd. By clue 8, Wayne would have dealt the 5th hand and chosen Heinz as the game. By clue 4, Eddie would have won the 1st hand. Floyd would have taken the pot in the 4th hand (9), with Marty then winning the 5th hand. Derrick would have dealt the 3rd and Floyd the 2nd hand. In clue 9, then, Follow the Queen and Low in the Hole would have been the wild card variants for the 1st and 3rd hands, or vice versa, with Eddie then choosing either Baseball or Woolworth's for the 4th hand--no (7). Therefore, in clue 1, Eddie didn't deal the 4th hand; Eddie dealt the 3rd hand, with Wayne winning the 2nd and Heinz being the wild card choice for the 4th deal. Wayne's win wasn't the hand Marty dealt (5); by clue 6, then, Marty dealt the 4th hand, and Derrick won the 5th. By clue 8, Wayne dealt the 1st hand of the evening. Derrick dealt the 2nd and Floyd the 5th hand. By clue 9, Floyd's victory wasn't Wayne's 1st hand deal. Since Eddie didn't pick Baseball or Woolworth's to play (7), he dealt either Follow the Queen or Low in the Hole. By clue 9, then, Floyd also didn't win the 3rd hand with Eddie dealing; Floyd won the 4th hand. Eddie then won the 1st hand, and Marty won the 3rd hand. In clue 9, Follow the Queen and Low in the Hole were the wild card games for the 3rd and 5th hands or vice versa. By clue 3, then, Derrick dealt Woolworth's and Wayne Baseball. Finally, by clue 2, Marty won Follow the Queen and Derrick Low in the Hole. The first five hands were played as follows:

  • 1st hand -- Wayne dealt Baseball, won by Eddie
  • 2nd hand -- Derrick dealt Woolworth's, won by Wayne
  • 3rd hand -- Eddie dealt Follow the Queen, won by Marty
  • 4th hand -- Marty dealt Heinz, won by Floyd
  • 5th hand -- Floyd dealt Low in the Hole, won by Derrick

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