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Perry the Parrot
Perry the Parrot "entertains" customers with his salty talk.
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August 20, 2007
Saturday at My Pet Shop, each of the first five customers bought a different kind of animal to take home. None of the five picked Perry the Parrot, and no wonder--the fine-feathered fellow greeted each customer with a cheeky line that made the person wonder what else might be in the naughty bird's list of phrases. Given the information below, can you deduce the order in which the five customers shopped, the pet each purchased, and the line Perry the Parrot delivered to each while he or she shopped in My Pet Shop?

  1. Perry told one customer to "Kiss me, cutie pie," later raised Dr. Crane's eyebrows with a line, and then later uttered a phrase for the person who purchased a gerbil.
  2. Rev. Drew, who isn't the customer who bought a poodle, isn't the person who heard Perry say "Polly is crackers."
  3. The neon tetra wasn't bought by either the customer who heard the bird say "Shuffle the cards and deal" or the one Perry treated to "How 'bout another beer."
  4. The customer who took home a boa constrictor isn't the one to whom Perry screeched "I smell a rat."
  5. In order earliest-to-latest but not necessarily consecutive, these three customers shopped in My Pet Shop: the one the parrot told to "Shuffle the cards and deal," Mrs. Esch, and the person who purchased a parakeet.
  6. Mr. Ash's pet buy wasn't a poodle.
  7. Mrs. Esch isn't the customer who heard Perry declare "Polly is crackers."
  8. Sometime after demanding of one person "How 'bout another beer" but sometime before talking to the customer who bought a boa constrictor, the naughty bird made Lt. Bush blush with an unlikely phrase.

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