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A Fondue Night Out
Four couples enjoy the full course as the fondue craze bubbles back.
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July 30, 2007
Saturday evening at the HotPot fondue restaurant, waitress Melanie de Melt served four married couples during the first seating. Each couple sat in one of four adjacent booths numbered 1-4 left-to-right as served by Melanie; and each ordered a different salad, entree, and chocolate dessert course from the menu. Given the clues below, you should be able to determine the full names of the couple who sat in each booth, as well as the complete meal they enjoyed on their Fondue Night Out.

  1. Mike and his wife sat in the booth between those of the Prices and the couple who ordered East Is East as their entree selection.
  2. Lonny and his wife chose HotPot HodgePodge as their main course.
  3. The couple who had Darkly Delicious for dessert sat in the booth between those of the couple who shared a Waldorf Salad and the couple who picked the Caesar Salad.
  4. Ken and his wife aren't the couple who picked The Ocean as their main course.
  5. Jack and his wife and Anne and her husband had coffee with their dessert fondue.
  6. Cheryl and her husband had the booth between those of the couple who had Steak-Out as their entree and the couple who shared the House Salad.
  7. The couple who shared a Caesar Salad didn't have The Ocean as an entree.
  8. Neither the Rymans nor the Stones is the pair who enjoyed a Chef's Salad.
  9. Diana and her husband weren't seated next to the couple who shared a Waldorf Salad.
  10. Ken and his wife commented on the Berry Berry Good and the S'Mores desserts as they were served by Melanie to other couples.
  11. The Stones' booth was next to that of the couple who chose Chocolate Ripple, a combination of white and milk chocolate, for dessert.
  12. Mr. Price, who isn't Lonny, was glad his wife talked him out of ordering Steak-Out as a main course.
  13. Beth and her husband didn't choose Berry Berry Good for dessert.
  14. The Queens aren't the couple who sat in booth #3.

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